You’re Travel Side Guide

What is the perfect idea of your travel when you are about to leave just to reach you’re your desired destination. A nice and handy pair of sunglasses is a must for all who are fond of travelling and long journeys. Ray Ban sunglasses are the perfect side guide that you should take along with you in your every journey. Ray Ban Company was founded in 1937 and it is the brand of sunglasses and eyewear’s. Ray Ban has many styles of sunglasses which makes it a perfect brand. Ray Ban sunglasses are rich in look and give a dashing and individual personality. Ray Ban sunglasses give you your perfect attire when you are out with your family and your friends.


Ray Ban glasses have super fine quality lenses. B-15 XLT lenses are brownish in color and allow just about 15% of light to pass through the lenses. G-15 XLT lenses are same as that of B-15 XLT slight different in color. They have a combination of green and grey pigments. Along with the lenses Ray Ban sunglasses have optical frames which allow having a comfort level while wearing these sunglasses. It is durable having a long life and even the color of the sunglasses does not fade even after it is left in water.

How to Check Whether Ray Ban Sunglasses is Fake

Ray ban is a brand with trust and long life guarantee. But in some cases there are chances that you are dumped by fake pair of glasses. Below are given some reasons that you can check whether the Ray ban sunglasses are fake or original.

  1. Hold the sunglasses nicely and tight. Now just observe the weight and texture of the sunglass. Ray Ban sunglasses are known for its good quality and after holding the sunglass if you do not feel the quality that means it is the first sign of the sunglass being not Ray ban.
  2. Then look for the Ray Ban logo which is available on the lenses. Although many fake logos are stuck but original will always be original and it can be seen when you observe the lenses carefully.
  3. Check the rubber components whether it is soft or not. If the rubber is hard then it is not a Ray ban sunglass.
  4. Check the model numbers on sunglass and do refer it in the official website just to cross check if the model is original or duplicate.
  5. Check whether the sunglass is signed or not. Ray Ban has an authenticate signature which cannot be copied. It can be checked easily and duplicate or fake signs can be judged.
  6. Look at the cover case that is provided with the sunglasses. Something should always be written on the case making it an original cover. If not written then it is definitely a fake case cover.
  7. Purchase from a trustworthy and original retailer or directly from the branded shop of Ray ban sunglasses. Many retailers keep duplicate sunglasses and bluff people.
  8. You are always provided with a guarantee card, a cleaning cloth and a booklet of all the necessary information related to sunglasses.
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