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When it comes to travelling what is biggest necessary thing that you need while you are off to your journey? There are many things which you need while you travel but the most important thing that you require is a good pair of sunglasses. Using sunglasses provides you with multiple benefits so people often wear sunglasses in almost every occasion. There are many types of sunglasses such as UV protected, night wear sunglasses, day-night sunglasses and many more. Sunglasses can be ordinary or branded. It is better going for branded sunglasses instead going for ordinary and local sunglasses. Though local and ordinary sunglasses are not worse to use but going for branded one is more beneficial. Talking about branded sunglasses one of the best company is Ray Ban Sunglasses. Ray Ban sunglasses are the most expensive sunglasses till date and very little population can afford to purchase it.

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray Ban Company was founded in 1937 and it is the brand of sunglasses and eyewear’s. Ray Ban has many types of glasses which makes it a perfect and stylish brand. Ray Ban sunglasses are rich in look and give a magnificent personality. People especially young boys and girls wear Ray Ban sunglasses in every occasion like parties, colleges and even it is the medium to show off as a fashion statement. Ray Ban sunglasses have a very high impression to display. They are durable, imported and have a long life. Ray Ban sunglasses are worn by every person including all ages.


Ray Ban Sunglasses does not require any explanation to describe its features.  It has multiple varieties of sunglasses which can be used by everyone. Below are some features why Ray Ban sunglasses are considered as world class brand.

1. Ray Ban glasses have fine quality lenses. B-15 XLT lenses are brown in colour and allow about 15% of light to pass through the lenses. These lenses offer more contrast cutting down the blue colour light. These are very comfortable to wear and no irritation is caused to eyes. G-15 XLT lenses are slight different in colour. They have a combination of green and grey pigments. They have low contrast level.

2. Ray Ban polarised sunglasses have optical vision which is reflected to have a clear vision. These types of glasses are preferred by people who are water lovers and fishermen. People who love to be outdoors in water places are seen wearing these types of sunglasses. These types of sunglasses are also preferred by bikers, joggers, etc. These glasses are worn during the surgery of cataract. These lenses make vision very clear and suitable to use.

Original or Duplicate

People are often bluffed by providing fake and duplicate Ray Ban sunglasses. Below are given some methods to check whether the sunglasses are original or fake.

1. Hold and check the texture and weight of the sunglasses. If you find any fault then it is a duplicate sunglass.

2. Check the lenses and the vision that is passing through it.

3. Check the rubber whether it is soft or not.

4. Check the logo of Ray Ban sunglasses.

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