Working Holidays in Australia

So you’ve decided that you want to make the move overseas, but perhaps you’re a little concerned about the job prospects once you arrive? It’s not always easy to find a job in a new country – when I moved over to the UK it was a good six months before I really sank my teeth into job hunting to the point where I felt that I was actually getting somewhere and many people find themselves in a similar situation.

If you don’t happen to have a degree or a major selling point for yourself then you can find the move overseas even more difficult – and in this case it’s always worth checking out the job potential and any in-demand jobs before you. This can help you to secure a job before you go, giving you the peace of mind that when you arrive you will be financially supported.

What is the job market like in Australia?
Australia has done relatively well in the recent recession, but as a country it is not immune from a financial crisis. The job market in Australia has always been relatively good but in recent months it has started to slow a little, so it’s important to do your research properly before you consider a permanent relocation here.

Working with industries which are popular within Australia – retail, agriculture, mining etc… – is always a good place to start and if you do happen to work in an in-demand industry then there is usually a plethora of job opportunities available for you.

If I can’t find a job in Australia, could I consider setting up a business there?
If you are struggling with your job search in Australia then one thing that you could look into is taking your business with you to Australia, or alternately starting up a business in Australia. There are a number of visas for businesses which the Australian Government offer for people who are looking to bring over or start-up businesses which could help build a strong Australian economy.

Where should I look for a job?
To get started on your job hunt there are a number of options available, but many people will either choose to go to a job fair or to perhaps hunt online for their perfect job. There are a number of Australian websites where you can search quickly and easily for roles, these include:


Each of these websites offers a range of different job opportunities. Failing this you can look into a number of job fairs which are held right around the UK with the aim of attracting skilled workers to Australia.

What are the main industries for employment in Australia?

  • Healthcare – nurses, doctors, general practitioners, surgeons, anaesthetists, dentists… basically anything within the healthcare industry
  • IT – software developers, web developers, IT support staff
  • Engineering – chemical engineers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers
  • Trades – electricians, shipwrights, boat builders, gasfitters, plumbers, carpenters.

Paul is an avid traveller and travel blogger from the UK.

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