Why Spending Winter In London Is Priceless

If you’re planning a vacation this winter, London will be your perfect choice. If there’s anywhere you can be this winter, spending your time in this beautiful city will be priceless. Most of the time, post-Christmas sales draw most of the crowds. However, there are many other compelling reasons to visit this city during the winter season. Turbulent weather and short days produce beautiful lighting. When it fades at dusk, everyone piles into the warmth of pubs, bars, shops, concert halls, theatres, restaurants and cafes.

londonAt this time of the year, dark streets look a lot more romantic and Dickensian. Moreover, venues make a lot of efforts to tempt people with ping-pong tables, pop-up shops, live music, DJ performances and so on. In winter, there’s nothing better than spending your time inside a popular gallery with chamber music and a glass of wine. You can even take a boat ride around swivelling construction cranes and twinkling city lights.

When the countdown to Christmas begins, the capital city can be seen bright with various events. The winter season is the perfect time for huge markets and visiting popular tourist destinations in and around the city. This is an occasion to be shared with family members, friends and soak up the happy and joyous atmosphere sprinkled with excitement and laughter. With a lot to choose from, it may be a bit overwhelming to plan your itinerary while visiting London in the winter. Here are some of the most popular attractions which make London priceless during the winter.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Winter in this beautiful city is always more special with a trip to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. You will be able to enjoy shopping, rides, Christmas lights, ice skating and a circus. This park has amazed numerous people with spectacular performances. Since 2006, ‘winter wonderland’ has become a lot more popular and therefore more attractions are being added on a regular basis. This year, recent additions to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland include:

● Santa’s Factory

● Winter Wonderland Star Flyer

● Yuletide Market

● Double Decker Carousel

● The Magical Ice Kingdom

There is no entry ticket to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. However, you will need to pay for rides and attractions.

Highgate Cemetery

A cemetery may not be the first thing to come to your mind when you think of the Christmas season. However, when you’re spending the winter in London, you need to visit the Highgate Cemetery. At this time of the year, you will not run into flocks of tourists. Moreover, you will be able to see the cemetery when the weather is damp, bleak and dreary. This will give it a Gothic look that will definitely make you appreciate the Victorian graves, architecture and statues. The mysterious and spooky look of the cemetery with overgrown foliage and weeds will be a highlight for visitors.

The Highgate Cemetery has remains of many famous actors, musicians, authors, painters and other popular individuals. Some of them include:

● Douglas Adams

● Karl Marx

● George Eliot

● Charles Dickens’ Wife, Daughter, Brother and Parents

London’s West End

The ‘west end’ is the home to every spectacular theatre performance in London. West End theatre is located near Shaftesbury Avenue. During winter, West End hosts many productions based on Christmas themes. Visiting the theatre will be the perfect way to escape the cold winter weather and enjoy the show.

A visit to London in winter is always priceless. At this time of the year, everyone can be seen enjoying the holiday spirit and listening to their favourite Christmas carols. In fact, besides door-to-door carollers, churches and fine venues in London hold some spectacular cathedral services. St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey are two of the most popular venues for these services. In these venues, you can even watch your favourite celebrities make guest appearances. If you’re planning to get out of your home and seek some excitement this winter, visit London and have the time of your life.

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