Why KDK Group of Institutes should be your first option for Polytechnic Education

Polytechnic Education has gained prominence in recent time by virtue of rapid advancement in the sector of Science and Technology.  Polytechnic guarantees hands-on experience within progressively ever-changing environment of learning. The times are changing and the demand for polytechnic workforce is increasing expeditiously so it becomes essential to choose an appropriate education provider to pursue polytechnic education.

KDK Group of Institutes is a leading center of learning and education in the city of Nagpur. The institute is a renowned name in polytechnic education. KDK has earned the reputation of being the premier educator in the field of polytechnic over a period of time and this has led the institute to emerge as an educational brand that has made a striking impact in polytechnic education.

KDK Group of Institute lays a strong emphasis on practical learning. Practical knowledge enables the individuals pursuing polytechnic to have a thorough grip of real-life execution and operation of tasks.

The institute has a credible association with industry partners and the part of the curriculum also includes an opportunity to work part-time with these industry partners. This working experience boosts the level of confidence of the polytechnic students at KDK.

The academic curriculum of polytechnic designed for students at KDK features certain important life skills such as communication and presentation skills, problem-solving and decision-making skills which are essential to develop students’ sensory faculties.  The members of faculty at KDK are learned and well-qualified with ample experience of educating students. The faculty has a wealth of experience from both educational as well as industry sectors.

KDK Group of Institute is ranked as the top polytechnic college of Nagpur for many aforementioned reasons but one of the primary reasons for their ranking is the facilities provided to the students. Lecture halls, industry –related laboratories, well-equipped classrooms, libraries and a broad range of activities put the institute ahead of all others in the state of Maharashtra, making it a sought after polytechnic college in Maharashtra.

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