What Facilities Are Offered In 7-Star Hotels

7-Star HotelsIf you have the money to splurge, ensure your vacation is spent staying only in the best accommodations. You will find the best in the new string of 7-star hotels popping up across the globe. These hotels are unlike anything that you’ve ever before saw, guaranteed to put a smile on your face and make your stay impeccable.

An Inside Look at 7-Star Hotels

As one might expect, 7-star hotels are spectacular from the inside out. Even the hotel names ring majesty –Town House Galleria in Milan, Italy, for example. Certainly a 7-star hotels offers its guest the most grandeur of stays that they will ever experience. The design is sophisticated, stylish. The ambiance is simply out of this world. You’re far more than a guest when you’re staying at a 7-star hotel, and the employees at the hotel will treat you as special as you really are. You’re a name, a friend when at a 7-star hotel.

Amenities and 7-star Hotels

In addition to be stylish architectural pieces of work, 7-star hotels also offer choice amenities that enable guests to feel like queens and kings for a day. All of the amenities are things not typically found at a hotel, so you’re experiencing one of a kind treatments to top it all.

Limousine service is frequently provided to guests at 7-star hotels. This transportation is offered to you for all of your travel needs, whether short or long distances, with service generally available 24 hours per day. It is nice to be able to ride and arrive at all of your destinations with a personal chauffer opening the door to limousine.

Room service is nice, and it is available at many four and five star hotels. But, when a 7-star hotel is chosen, room service is out the door. Instead you are treated to your own personal butler who will cater to all of your demands. This isn’t an amenity that you’ll be treated to at any other kind of hotel!

The Luxuriousness Continues

Expect your room at one of these amazing hotels to be uber spectacular, filled only with the most exquisite of decorations and furnishings, from the plush beds to extra-spacious rooms. Oftentimes these hotels are found in historic buildings or those that have been designed exclusively to appease the tastes of a customer of a higher authority.

There is nothing like staying in a 7-star hotel when you wnt to be treated to the best of it all. Your stay will truly be unique, one of a kind and a stay that you will always remember.

Top 7-Star Hotels

There are not a lot of 7-star hotels in the world, although the number is continuing to increase. So yet, another benefit is very easy to see in that your stay will be like nothing that you have before experienced, and may never again if you aren’t staying in this hotel again. You will be staying among a chosen few, the most special people in this world. Take a look at a few of the top 7-star hotels in the world.

The Burj Al Arab is among the top hotels in the world. Built in 1999,the 205-room hotel is located in Dubai, and consists of 70 floors. Among the glorious amenities offered include a Rolls Royce chauffeured transportation, luxurious, oversized rooms, butler service, 8 restaurants on site, two indoor and two outdoor swimming pools, Wild Waldi Waterpark access and more.

The Town House Galleria in Milan is also open of the top 7-star hotels in the world. This hotel offers guests a stay that they will never forget, complete with rooms that have been dedicated to singers from the La Scala Opera, meaning each is completely unique from the next. Butlers tend to your every need while staying here, and you can choose the room size, accommodations, etc. that you want.

Another choice if you want the best of the best is the Laucaula Island. This privately owned island was turned into a hotel, and it is safe to say that there Is nothing but splendid times in store here. The Villas here are absolutely amazing and make it easy to relax and unwind, while being treated like a king or queen.

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