Ways to Maintain Fitness Routine While Travelling

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When you travel for work, you can maintain your exercise routine. I have used these simple tips for 25 years to maintain my exercise program.

Travel and meetings can leave little space in your agenda for a workout. A little dedication and planning can help you stay in shape when you travel.

Packing for exercise

Before your trip, find out about the hotel or gyms nearby and bring appropriate clothing. Your essential travel training baggage could include:

  • Sports shoes
  • Workout Clothes
  • Jump rope
  • Suspenders
  • Hand grips
  • Music and hearing aids
  • Exercise while traveling

Wear walking shoes when traveling. If you travel by plane, stop by the airport terminal. Only take the band if you have little time. I avoid the elevators and instead use the stairs.

When you reach your destination, try to exercise immediately. Relieve muscle cramps after a flight and relax, to make sleeping easier. If this is not possible, get up an hour earlier and exercise before breakfast.

Skip the last drink at the bar and go to bed early!

Be creative and do activities whenever you can, for example:

  • Exit to the local parks and trails. Ask hotel staff about safe walking or running routes.
  • Jump the rope. Use a jump rope in the hotel gym or on the edge of the parking area.
  • Jumping jacks. Try some repetitions in your room.
  • Use leagues. These elastic leagues offer weight as resistance when pulling them. You can use leagues in your travel exercise to develop strength in almost any muscle group.
  • Take advantage of your own body weight. Do pushups, sit-ups and sit-ups.

Stay in move

Try not to neglect the exercise, I know that when we travel, we just want to rest, to lie on the beach to sunbathe and do nothing, but if you want to return to your house in the same conditions in which you left, you had better do some exercise, even a little cardio or some simple strength routine. If you are in a hotel where there is a gym, then much better, but if you do not have that possibility, try to walk, take a short walk will also burn you calories.

Listen to your body

If the schedule changes leave you exhausted, make your routine shorter or lighter than usual. It is okay to take it easy from time to time.

If you are one of those that when they go on a trip they come back with two or three kilos of more. But you do not want to spoil all that you have achieved until the moment, Here we explore to teach you some tips so you can come and go without bringing a few extra pounds with you.

Healthy Diet for Travelers 

What to Keep

Carry in your purse or in your handbag, some things you can eat on the trip or when you go for a walk, so you avoid sinning by trying all those things that sell in stores at airports or shopping centers, and Which are not entirely healthy. You can prepare whole wheat sandwiches with peanut butter and natural jam, or you can prepare them with turkey breast (not sausage) and chickpea cream; Also, you can bring nuts, protein bars low in sodium and sugar free, etc. The important thing is that you have healthy options on hand to help you stay away from those sinful foods that tend to tempt us.

Always choose healthy options

When you go out to eat, read the menu very well and try to always look for some protein, whether meat, fish or chicken, preferably steamed or grilled. Also, try to order a hearty salad (with the dressing on one side) and opt for steamed vegetables as your serving of carbohydrates. If you are going to ask for a ticket in a restaurant, share it!, same with the dessert, do not eat all that yourself!

With regard to cheat meals or cheat meals, you can do one or two in the week, but do not forget that “you eat or drink”, be careful with mixing full-lead foods with alcoholic beverages!

Remember that the longer the trip, the more you have to take care of; you can give your wishes from time to time but without exaggeration. However, regular workout exercise can help reduce stress and increase energy, which could be just what you need to get to work.

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