Travel Ideas For Doll Lovers

Holidays are the best when they are filled with fun activities. And there is nothing better than having a holiday where you can enjoy your hobby to the full. If the destination has great places to receive more information about your hobby or enjoy your hobby then it is going to be a perfect way to spend the holiday. There are a lot of such destinations for people who love dolls and here are some destinations you could visit.

Museum of Childhood, London, United Kingdom

London is on its own a really magnificent place to visit. There are so many different things to do there that people with all sorts of hobbies will find something fun to do.

Naturally for doll lovers there are many great things to experience. The Museum of Childhood is one of the places to start your trip. It has a lot of lovely old dolls as part of the collection and the dollhouses from different centuries show how long we have been drawn to playing with dolls as well as collecting them.

Island Of The Dolls, Mexico City, Mexico

Now if you aren’t a fan of creepy and odd things then this suggestion isn’t for you. But for anyone who is into modern art and likes unusual things then Island of the Dolls might be a place for you to visit.

The whole island is a graveyard for old dolls. It was created originally to honour a girl whose life was cut down too short but now the old dolls have become somewhat of a tourist attraction. The creator believed that the island is haunted by this young girl and was trying to appease the wandering soul by adding more dolls to the island. As years have gone by it is more of a haunted house at the moment but definitely worth a visit if you are nearby.

UFDC Doll Museum, Kansas City, United States

Kansas City in the United States is home for a great doll museum. It is run by the United Federation of Doll Clubs, which is a charity organisation. The museum has a really nice big collection of dolls and there is definitely a lot to see there.

There are other nice things to do around Kansas City as well and thus it is a nice place to visit if you are in the area. If you do go in the area remember to listen to some proper jazz at a local club and enjoy a good barbeque as well.

Vina’s Doll Gallery, Cromwell, United Kingdom

There is a great doll museum in Cromwell, which has a large collection of vintage dolls. The museum is really nice place and there are a lot of opportunities for guided tours as well.

The area is a nice place for tourism anyway. The British countryside is at its best during the summer months and that is when you should head down to Cromwell as well.

The above are just some of the great travel destinations you should visit if you love dolls. They all have a lot of fun things to do besides seeing the great doll collections and thus make a great destination for the whole family.

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