Top Tips For A Family Holiday In France

Top Tips for a Family Holiday in France France is only a short hop from the UK, yet it is different enough to appeal to anyone wanting to spend a bit of time on foreign soil. It is easy to get to France and you don‘t even need to travel by air if you are the type who prefers to keep both feet firmly on the ground—trains to the continent are fast and train tickets to France are cheap. So if holidaying in the UK doesn’t appeal this year and you fancy taking the kids abroad for a change of scenery, here is my guide to planning an unforgettable family holiday in France.

Travel by Plane, Train or Car?

The great thing about France is that you can travel there in a variety of different ways. However, when you have two, three or more kids, flying to France is probably not an affordable option. Driving to the continent via the Channel Tunnel or crossing over the Channel on a ferry is not a bad idea, but spending several hours stuck on French motorways with three moaning kids is unlikely to see your holiday off to the best start. So what is the alternative? Travelling to France on the train is fast and economical. Train tickets to France on the Eurostar are very cheap if bought well in advance and travelling via train gives you plenty of opportunity to relax in style before you arrive at your chosen destination. Kids hate being cooped up in a car for several hours, but if you travel by train they have the freedom to roam around and you can all enjoy watching the French countryside zoom by at 189mph.

Family-Friendly Holidays in France

France has lots to offer for families with kids. The French love children and even the tiniest of tots are welcome in French restaurants, which is very different to the reception you can expect in an English restaurant. French families typically let their kids stay up late, so nobody will bat an eyelid if your toddlers are still jumping around at 11pm in the local eatery. France is also big enough to be able to offer a wide variety of different holiday experiences for families, which is perfect if you have kids of all ages.

  • Beach holidays in France – The south of France, Brittany and Normandy are well-known for their fabulous beaches. If your idea of holiday heaven is a stretch of sand for the kids and a good book for you, look no further than the Cote d’Azur, but if you want to explore the local area, head for the rugged coastline of Brittany.
  • Cycling holidays in France – France is blessed with an excellent network of safe cycle routes, so take your bikes on the train and look forward to a week of gentle exploration on two wheels.
  • Disney – For younger kids, the only possible destination in France is Euro Disney. It can be rather pricey to stay on the resort itself, but staying at a budget family hotel in Paris and travelling by train to the park is easy and probably cheaper to boot.

If you are travelling on a budget, or you have more kids than the Von Trapp family, make sure you book your train tickets to France well in advance in order to secure the cheapest deals.

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