Top Ten Florida Attractions

The state of Florida is known as ‘The Sunshine State’, and with good reason too! Florida has a subtropical climate, however summer’s rarely see temperatures over 100◦C, making for relatively comfortable weather.

As well as its beautiful beaches and extensive range of water sports, Florida is also famed for its theme parks. So with so much to see and do, where exactly does one start? Well this article will give you a brief guide around the top ten attractions for you to visit.

waterworld_set_-_universal_studios_hollywoodSea World, Orlando

Sea World is a must for any animal lover or family with children. In addition to exploring the extensive enclosures through all manner of tanks (including an underwater tunnel) you should check out the world famous shows where you’ll see Dolphins, Porpoise and Belugas amongst a whole host of others.

There are also various rides that range from white knuckle to relatively gentle.

Explore Amelia Island, Castillo de San Marcos

Amelia Island is nestled in the City of St. Augustine and offers much for those that want to learn a little history. The Castillo de San Marcos area is known as the oldest masonry site in the entire United States, and is dated all the way back to the 17th Century.

Universal Orlando Resort, Orlando

Whether you’re looking for an alternative to Disney World, or are merely an adrenalin junkie that wants to see both of the theme parks, Universal Orlando Resort offers something for everyone. The park is particularly famed for its 3D rides, which currently offer Harry Potter and the Transformers.

sts-88_launches_from_kennedy_space_centerKennedy Space Center

As well as being host to the U.S.’s rocket launches, the centre also offers an interesting museum, a cinema and a rocket garden. Why not see whether a launch of one of their rockets coincides with your trip?

Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista

Walt Disney World is the most extensive theme park in the World. It boasts 4 huge, separately themed parks, and with the range of rides everyone within a family can have a good time. Whilst there are some that may feel Walt Disney World is a little over the top, who can help but smile when Donald Duck gives you a cuddle?

Fort Lauderdale Beach, Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is famed for its canal systems, and is affectionately known as ‘Venice of America’. The City boasts 7 miles of beaches that lead to the Atlantic sea, and it is known for its wide range of shops, restaurants, cafes and beautiful scenery.

South Beach

South Beach is now known for its rich residents, art deco architecture, amazing nightlife and beautiful scenery. However in years gone by, the area had been known for its gangs, with its residents staying indoors at night. Visit South Beach to see just how much has changed.

Key West

Key West is located on Florida’s Southern most point, and spans around 4 miles in length. Because it is located on a relatively separate ‘tip’ of Florida (Key West is almost an island in itself) it is, in parts, distinctly different to its mainland. For those that are looking for something that’s a little different, Key West is perfect.


If there’s an area that demonstrates Florida’s diversity, then it’s the Everglades. Whilst it may appear, at first glance, to be swamp-like, it is in actual fact a huge river. Because of the interest of this area in terms of wildlife and varying terrain, the Everglades are perfect for those with a little more energy. You can explore the area by boat, or take you own lead by biking, trekking or canoeing the area.

Florida Keys

This amazing region stretches for over 120 miles of beaches; it is known for its clear waters, bright white sand and impressive bridge architecture. Visiting Florida Keys is a must for any traveller; the views really must be seen for themselves.

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