Top reasons to go to residential schools for studies

Why should you consider sending your kid to residential school? Is boarding school the right place for your kid? The answer to such questions is important for every parent as they approach various schools for admission of their children. Top boarding schools in India offer education that helps in character building of the learners to make them responsible citizens of future. However, sending your kid to a boarding school is not an easy decision. Your child needs to adapt to a very new environment. Separation from family, friends and parents makes this decision even harder. Besides these, financial cost also plays an important role. Keeping all these points aside, a good residential school in India offers quality education, creates a constructive environment, and also takes care of overall personality growth of the learners.

There are several reasons to go to residential school to provide world class education to your child. These schools are known for their excellent athletics, extracurricular activities and the academic achievements. Some of the reasons why you should go to good residential schools in Dehradun are as provided below:

  • Discipline – Inculcating a sense of punctuality and discipline in candidates is the first and foremost benefit your kids reap at the best boarding schools in Dehradun. A good boarding school in Dehradun always maintains a strict timetable and every student is required to be punctual.
  • Extracurricular activities – Boarding schools also create opportunities for their candidates to take part in extracurricular activities. These activities are designed to develop team spirit and help in intellectual development of every student.
  • Sports activitiesResidential schools also have state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities for sports. All candidates are encouraged to participate in at least one indoor or outdoor sport. This helps them in boosting their confidence level.
  • Learn responsibility – Living at a boarding school gives candidates an opportunity to learn about personal responsibility. There are no longer friends and parents to direct them every day. Choices for activities, time management and other personal decisions now rest completely on the shoulders of the learner.
  • Small class sizes – Boarding institutes in Dehradun generally maintain small class sizes. Small classes give candidates the opportunity to be very actively involved in their studies.
  • Sense of community – When candidates choose to go to a residential school, the faculty, administration and the students form a kind of substitute family for them. Chances to meet new people and create lasting friendships are more likely at residential schools than other types of schools.
  • Good food availability – No doubt, food is very important – both for proper physical growth as well as happiness. The top boarding schools in Dehradun tend to put a lot of focus into offering their candidates tasty and healthy meals.
  • Arts facilities – Dance, music, fine arts, theater, and other artistic and creative activities are very much the part of learning at the top residential schools in India.
  • Holistic approach: Boarding schools across India play an immense role in grooming the overall personality of students. These schools inculcate a spirit of discipline and punctuality in the students through their strict rules, regulations and time-table. This further generates a sense of responsibility in them which will be beneficial for their whole life.
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