Top Kiama Beaches Worth Visiting

Kiama is frequented by tourists because of its blowholes. However, there are several other things to see and do around Kiama.

The beaches, in particular, are flocked by tourists during summertime because these beaches do not only provide a relaxing escape, but also offers a wide range of water and recreation activities.

If you want to unwind and visit this town, make sure you take note of the most beautiful Kiama beaches and stop by during your trip.

Surf Beach
This is one of Kiama’s most popular surfing beaches because of excellent surfing waves. Also, its accessibility to the main shopping district and the parkland is preferred by tourists because it is easier to get around.

The beach is filled with tourists during the weekends of summer, which kicks off in October. Surf Beach also offers a wide ranges of facilities for its visitors such as changing sheds, picnic tables, toilets, barbecue facilities, and car parking. Hence, guests can relax and unwind while enjoying the beautiful waves.

You can visit Surf Beach by driving through Manning St. in Kiama.

Werri Beach
If you simply want to unwind and relax while getting a tan, Werri Beach is a must for you. It is no wonder why Werri Beach is recognized as one of the most popular Kiama beaches as two distinguished point breaks to create nice waves on the shore. This is also a frequented spot by long boarders who are seeking out just the right amount of waves. Moreover, the beach line is stunning as it is filled with dainty white sand.

Tourists visiting the Werri Beach can find it via Pacific Avenue in New South Wales. There are also plenty of options for beachside campground, bed & breakfast, and motels within the area.

Bombo Beach
Another hot destination for surfers is the Bombo Beach in Kiama. You can find it north of Kiama township and east of the Princes Highway. However, those who wanted to go surfing on this beach must be extra cautious. The beach’s waves come with highly strong undercurrents. It is not recommended for beginners or for those without excellent swimming skills.

If you are lucky, you can also spot some whales at the Bombo Beach, especially around the Southern Headland. This is common during the months of April and May. For pet owners, you are also free to bring your dog at this beach as well.

Kendalls Beach
The Kendalls Beach is another excellent choice for tourists to enjoy beautiful beaches. It is a protected bay with up to 1 km of coastal land.

Kendalls Beach might be small, but it is breathtakingly gorgeous. Since this beach is known for having a small surf, it is particularly frequented by tourists who simply want to have a relaxing swim. There are also playground facilities for kids and barbecue facilities for adults who like to have lunch by the beach.

These Kiama beaches are just among the most popular in the area. Feel free to explore some other options – you’ll never know when you might discover a hidden gem!

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