Top five destinations in Greece for a photographer

If you’re planning on going on holiday to Greece but mainly for photography then they’re some very nice spots across Greece where you’ll be having endless capturing opportunities whether it’s a beautiful sunset on the Greek horizon or the magnificent Greek architecture, you will simply have some outstanding images to show when you get back home.

In the south-east of Greece lays an island called Santorini with beautiful Greek apartments scattered across the island overlooking the stunning crystal clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea. There’s no doubt this island in Greece is a great opportunity to capture some photos whether it’s the sunset over the cliffs in the distance or a panoramic photo of the apartments on the edges of the cliff with the sea in the background making a nice overview photo of the island. A photo at sunset of Santorini really is something special with the scattered orange lights around the Greek apartments as well as the red shade of the sun setting on the horizon and the Greek windmill all makes this a masterpiece of a photo.


The Skopelos Island is located in the eastern area of Greece where the island does not only have your usually Greek apartments but actually has a nice bit of greenery to it. Taking photos of the beaches with the greenery in the background really does make the photos burst with a variety of colours which would make an ideal outside summer portrait photo. If you have a waterproof camera then this would be the time to take a dive under the Aegean sea as the visibility in the crystal clear waters would be magnificent and you’re bound to see a school of Wrasses fish swimming around. The narrow streets of Skopelos are somewhat rather special with the apartments often coated with flowers making the photos of the streets more vibrant in colour and give the image a real feel of the Greek atmosphere.



A photographic city in Northern Greece goes by the name of Kavala and what makes this city so unique is the fact it has a castle right at the top of the town looking down across the city as well as the beautiful sea views there’s no doubt you’ll get some fantastic aerial shots from up there. You also tend to get plenty of boats around the shore of Kavala which makes a great subject for sunset photos. There is history to be captured at Kavala not only the castle but also the Kavala aqueduct which is one of the citys landmarks dating back to the 16th century so basically this city beholds plenty of Greek history.


Whenever someone thinks of Greece it’s often they’ll think of Athens seeing as it’s the capital city of Greece and is one of the world’s oldest cities. There’s no doubt the Parthenon is a must for any photographer which is basically the icon of this wonderful city of Greece which was built all the way back in 438BC and the fact that they’re still remains of the monument is remarkable. Athens is great for night shots with the hundreds of street lights beaming out especially on a clear sky starry night but do make sure to take a tripod. You should take a venture up to Mount Lycabettus which is the highest point in the city at 277 metres above sea level you’ll get some extraordinary panoramic shots of the city.

Chania, CreteChania, Crete

Chania is the second largest city in Crete with a unique touch about it from the beautifully lit Venetian harbour to the snowy mountains in the background of the city this is definitely a place to take your camera. You’ll get some pretty unique photos in this city whether it’s taking a photo of a person fishing by the harbour side or the mixture of the mountains and the city which makes up for a strange yet compelling photo. You’ll often see horse carriages in Chania so if you spot a couple on their honeymoon this could be a fantastic romantic photo opportunity but do ask for their permission. With the beautiful harbour sea glistening out orange as the sun draws in this has to be one of the best places to take photos of sunsets.

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