Top 5 things to do in Tel Aviv that makes the tourists’ to experience an amazing and funfilling holiday trip

Planning a holiday trip to Tel Aviv but not sure which sites to visit first in your stay? Tel Aviv offers a lot to everyone. Here are our top 5 must-visit places. Have a look.

1. Museum of the History of Tel Aviv
Do you love to historic displays? Well, if you are in the city, you cannot afford to give this museum a miss. A museum lover’s paradise, this museum has a gamut of not only historical but also contemporary displays. Originally built in 1927, the museum was closed for about four decades before undergoing a restoration. It is housed in the city’s first city hall. It includes, among other things, the office of Tel Aviv’s first mayor. The office has been meticulously restored to its former glory. From here you can a spectacular view of across Bialik Street and Square. While you are in this area, you may well want to visit some nearby museums, Bialik Museum (dedicated to Haim Nachman Bialik, the first famous modern Hebrew poet), Bauhaus Museum (showcases the interesting history and exciting development of Bauhaus design), and Reuven Rubin Museum (displays the work of Israel’s famous artist Reuven Rubin).

2. Ali Karvan
Don’t mistake humus for just another meal—it is a way of life in Tel Aviv. And where you can get the best humus? Ali Karvan but of course. Established way back in 1966, the restaurant is known throughout Israel, and not only Tel Aviv, for its hummus. The menu although limited is, simply put, delicious. You get only humus here, but then that is the sole reason why the place is always flocked with food lovers, both local and foreigners. Weekdays are the best time to pay a visit here and eat to your heart’s fill. There is quite a rush round the clock on weekends as expected. If you drop in on a Saturday or Sunday, expect some waiting time. However, the food will make up for any amount of waiting time, for it is simply out of the world!

3. Design stores
Love shopping? Visit the SoHo Boutique and Dizengoff Center. While the local designing industry is still in its early stages, visitors can find some compelling yet not very expensive pieces here.

4. Art Galleries
Those who love to explore a new city through its art will love Nova, Dvir, and Sommer Contemporary Art. This trio of key art galleries of Tel Aviv will acquaint you with the city’s flourishing and bustling art scene. Sommer will introduce you to Adi Nes and other blue-chip names in the local art scenes. On the other hand, talents like Adel Abdessemed, Jonathan Monk, and Douglas Gordon can be found at Davir. If works of local up-and-comers is what you want to see, head to Noga.

5. Manshia Train Station
One of the oldest structures, Manshia Train Station is the newest attraction of the city. After 60 years of abandonment, the station is now reopened for the public. Almost 5 years were spent in restoring this 4-acre leisure complex, which house, among other things, boutiques and housing galleries. It was originally built to link the old town with Jerusalem. To know more about it, visit it and learn about its and city’s history.

These are the places for you to visit and things to do in Tel Aviv to have a fun-filling holiday trip.

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