Top 5 places to visit in the UK in a motorhome

The rise in motorhome holidays have seen a surge in demand for motorhomes, whether it be used or new motorhomes.  Even luxury motorhomes are now fast appearing on the market, catering for those who would like to feel a bit of indulgence in their travels.  However, one of the wonderful things about a motorhome holiday is that no matter what vehicle you have or what your budget constraints are for your holiday, you can enjoy the same nature and beauty as everyone else.

So where should you go with your motorhome?  With so much beauty and history all around the country, it is indeed hard to pick a destination.  Here is a list of 5 stand-out places that are great destinations in themselves or great bases from which to conduct your explorations.  These 5 places are all very different in nature and provide different experiences.

  • Whitby, North Yorkshire.   Set amongst stretches of coast with stunning cliffs, at the sites at Whitby you will find views to the Yorkshire Moors, beaches, and excellent walking trails.  You can also visit the cliff-top ruins of 13th century Whitby Abbey for a dose of history, and walk around the picturesque town.  With its rich history and spectacular coastal cliff setting, other popular activities in Whitby include fossil hunting and rock climbing.
  • Ambleside, Cumbria.  The town is within the Lake District National Park, in a lakeside mountain setting.  Plenty of woodlands and wildlife, it is a perfect base for exploring the natural beauty of the Lake District.  Activities to consider include plenty of walks, a cruise around the Windermere Lake (England’s largest lake), or a trip to the Grizedale Forest.  There are walks suitable for all abilities.
  • Cotton, Staffordshire.  This is a great place to be for those intending on a trip to the Alton Towers theme park, as it has the closest motorhome site to the park.  It is also ideally located for exploring the Peak District and Matlock Bath, making this a great base for an activity filled holiday.
  • Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.  The town itself is a historical market town with a rich heritage.  For those with a keen interest in history, Bury St Edmunds is a fascinating place to be.  Its location is perfect for those with motorhomes who want to tour East Anglia, a region providing not only beautiful scenery but also rich cultural history.
  • Delamere Forest, Cheshire.  The Cheshire motorhomes sites offer something a little different to seaside location. For example, the Delamere Forest is 2400 acres of woodland dating back to the 11th century.  Here you will find a variety of walking trails and cycle paths to suit your interests or abilities.  There is a site in Delamere forest for you and your motorhome, making explorations even easier.

In truth there are hundreds of beautiful locations to visit in the UK. There are many more fantastic places to visit.  One great way to find out about them is to ask other fellow motorhome holiday makers for their recommendations.

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