Top 5 cake Shops at Walt Disney World

At Walt Disney World, eating is half the fun and skipping dessert just isn’t done. That’s wonderful news for dessert lovers, especially cake aficionados.  But with over 130 restaurants serving a wide variety of pastries, choosing the right place for the perfect cake can be a little daunting. Here are a few tried and true favorites from expert cake fans.

Boardwalk Bakery – Boardwalk Inn and Villas Resort

Boardwalk Bakery is by far the best place in Disney World to satisfy your cake craving. This world famous pastry hotspot not only supplies most of the cakes to hotels and restaurants in Disney World, but Boardwalk Bakery also whips up fantastic desserts right before your eyes. Each cake on the menu, from the chocolate mousse cake to the banana split cake, is a personalized piece of pastry heaven. The carrot cake is the perfect balance of crumbly and creamy, while the sugar-free cheesecake spares the calories without sacrificing flavor. With so many cake options to choose from, don’t worry if you have trouble deciding which one to order. No matter what you choose, one thing is for certain: these individual-sized indulgences are the perfect way to enjoy a gourmet snack.

Boulangerie Patisserie – Epcot

If you haven’t been able to make it to Paris yet, Boulangerie Patisserie in the France pavilion is the next best thing. Although this French-themed bakery offers a full selection of bistro fare, the pastries alone make it worth a visit. The creamy cheesecake is an adventure in extravagance, while the lemon tarts and slices of velvety chocolate cake will tempt you into ordering seconds. For cakes with markedly European twist, try the silky chocolate mousse and the delightful fruit bavarois. You may end up skipping Paris altogether.

Main Street Bakery – Magic Kingdom

This dining hotspot has everything from fresh fruit to gourmet sandwiches, but Main Street Bakery definitely isn’t lacking in the sweets department. For diners seeking an impromptu celebration, Main Street Bakery also sells 6-ich ready-made cakes. Or, if you’re looking for something sweet but can’t polish off a 6-inch cake by yourself, not to worry. Main Street Bakery specializes in plenty of personal-sized pastries, from a wide assortment of coffee cakes to rich chocolate cake and scandalously sweet raspberry cheesecake.

Oasis Canteen – Hollywood Studios

When it comes down to it, there really is one type of cake famous to all amusement parks: the funnel cake. Even a Disney World Vacation would feel incomplete without a funnel cake. Oasis Canteen (formerly The Dip Site) makes the best funnel cakes on the planet. With toppings like strawberry and soft-serve ice cream, you won’t find funnel cakes like these anywhere else in Walt Disney World. It’s worth a visit at least once, but we’re betting you’ll be back for more.

Starring Rolls Café – Hollywood Studios

The menu at Starring Rolls Café includes everything from pastries at breakfast to gourmet sandwiches at lunch. This is an eatery not to be taken lightly: visitors rave about this place, insisting that it’s hands-down some of the best food in Disney World. What does that mean for the cake connoisseur? It means that you’re in for some of the best cake the park has to offer. The Napoleon is grand, the fruit tarts are delectable, and the red velvet cake is immeasurably delicious. Don’t forget to sample their other cake variations, too, including the carrot cake cupcake and the Butterfinger cake cupcake. The perfect place to indulge your sweet tooth!

For those looking to celebrate with a cake to call their own, don’t forget that almost every restaurant at Disney World sells ready-made cakes that can be decorated and served on site. That includes square cakes as well as Mickey Mouse and other themed cakes. The best place for fondant cakes on the fly is the above-mentioned Boardwalk Bakery. For the very best in fancy cakes, however, pre-order through Advanced Dining Reservations; they’ll make sure that your made-to-order cake is brought to your venue of choice at just the right time.

For more great cake options, call the Disney Cake Hotline (407) 827-2253 for every kind of custom-made cake under the sun. Whether you’re planning a party, a wedding, or even if you want a cake delivered to your hotel room, the Disney Cake Hotline will make it happen.

With options like these, there are a million ways at Disney World to have your cake … and eat it too!

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