Top 5 Bangkok Top Shop Malls

MBK is a multi-story shopping mall with a rich history. It opened in 1986 with 8 total floors and over 2,000 stores. Here, you can buy luggage, furniture, clothing, cellular phones, cameras and more. It is extremely busy on the weekends which is when the majority of sales are offered. MBK also boasts a gigantic food court, cinemas, an arcade and karaoke entertainment.

Siam Center
Siam Center was built over 40 years ago but recently re-launched in January of 2013. It boasts 200 plus international brands including those of the world’s most famous designers. Shoppers will find brands like Accessorize, Super Dry, Levis and Steve Madden shoes. There are cool interactive television screens that show how the clothing that a customer picks out will look on her so that she doesn’t have to enter the changing room. Stores include the biggest Forever 21 in all over Thailand, Fly Now III, Jaspal, Baking Soda, Kloset and Lyn Around. Siam Center connects to Siam Paragon Mall by way of a covered walkway.

Terminal 21
Terminal 21 brings the world to you. It offers shops from around the world all under one roof. You’ll find retail stores similar to those in London, Tokyo, San Francisco, New York City and more. The building looks like an airport as it is made out of stylish, curving steel and glass. Each section of Terminal 21 is distinguished by signs that indicate what section of the world they’ll be shopping in.

CentralWorld is a mega shopping center offers a diverse consumer experience. It is located in the center of Chidlom’s commercial area and is accessible by Skytrain. Here, shoppers can purchase clothing, books, furniture, electronics, specially imported groceries and more. There’s also several banks in the establishment, an ice skating rink, five star restaurants and beauty salons.

Overall, CentralWorld offers 550,000 square meters of store space and a total of 830,000 total square meters of space when pedestrian walking room is accounted for. In total, there’s 100 cafes and restaurants, 500 retail outlets, 15 movie theaters, a food court, a supermarket, a Kids’ Zone and an outdoor space for communal events.

Pantip Plaza
Pantip Plaza is home to all the computers and computer accessories that you could hope for. The plaza is located in a plain looking building on New Phetchaburi Road. The plaza has the best prices on computer equipment and various electronics in all of Bangkok. There’s a slew of professional technicians on hand that will guide you towards the best bargains and educate you on how the electronics work as well as exactly what types you’ll need. Several merchants in the plaza even offer to upgrade and repair your electronic equipment on site.

If you are looking for anything electronic, this is the place to go. It has MP3 players, cameras, printers, tablets, laptops, desktops, software and more. Businessmen from all over the country shop at the plaza to obtain items at wholesale prices and flip their purchases for more money when they return home. In the past, Pantip Plaza garnered some negative attention for merchant sales of counterfeit DVDs and software but this activity has since been resolved. Customers are permitted to negotiate prices with each of the merchants at their individual stalls. Even if a salesman won’t alter his price, customers can ask for some small items in addition to their main purchase in order to sweeten the deal.

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