Top 10 Clothing Optional Destinations

Many people’s perfect vacation starts with a great hotel. From there, a room with a view and tons of activities and relaxing spaces, great food, and great sun make for a great vacation. However, what do you do if you feel a bit stifled by your swim suit? Nude tourism is branching out from just nude beaches to encompass entire resorts where clothing is only an option, not a requirement. We’ve picked up 10 of the best clothing-optional resorts and vacation spots for those looking to ‘get a little bit more comfortable’ on their vacation.

Hidden Beach Resort – Au Naturel Club, Mexico
The Hidden Beach Resort is a vacation spot that was developed with nude tourism in mind. It is an adults-only resort that features forty-two oceanfront suites as well as beaches and plenty of sun. The resort has a wonderful spa with licensed massage therapists that offer massage on the beach. It is also linked to the El Dorado Seaside Suites, where you can enjoy their resort free of charge.

Garden of Eden Resort — Isla Solarte, Panama
The Garden of Eden Resort is an adults-only, clothing optional resort located in a private corner of Isla Solarte, on the Caribbean coast of Panama. It features some of the best sites in Panama, including the ocean, warm beaches, and access to the rain forest. You even have the option of renting the entire island with a large enough group. Once back to the resort from your day of kayaking, hiking, and scuba diving, you can relax nude on the beach and get back to nature.

Temptation Resort– Cancun, Mexico
The Temptation Resort is a unique, couple’s only resort that offers a clothing-optional, exhilarating holiday. The beachfront is clothing optional, while the hotel itself is top-optional. They have great, themed pools and access to warm Caribbean beaches. You don’t necessarily need to participate in the excitement, as there is plenty to do for everyone wanting a romantic, exciting vacation.

Living Waters Spa– Desert Hot Springs, California
The Living Waters Spa absolutely encourages relaxation. Located in sunny Desert Hot Springs, California, the spa allows you to relax and warm up in the sun. Between the great food, wonderful spa, massage therapists that do in room massages, and bikini-optional environment, the Living Waters Spa is a great place to let your hair down, take your clothes off, and relax.

Club Orient– St. Martin
Club Orient is the first and only nude resort on St. Martin. With an average temperature of 85 degrees year round, Club Orient has access to some of the best beaches around. The rooms all have wireless internet, and the resort offers many exciting amenities like a club, spa, massage, and several tours, including a unique nude cruise. Alongside all of the excitement, you can enjoy water sports, basketball, and tennis courts.

Terra Cotta Inn– Palm Springs, CA
Once a trendy star destination, the Terra Cotta Inn is now a unique relaxation resort that wants all of their guests to feel pampered, relaxed, and cared for. Like other resorts, they have a large spa, as well as poolside breakfasts, shopping, and five-star dining options. Clothing is optional, encouraging the ultimate in relaxation destinations.

Grand Lido Negril Resort & Spa — Jamaica
The Grand Lido is a top-rated, clothing optional resort that is targeted toward couples. They offer a chance to relax in perfect, natural ambiance. Their local beaches are some of the clearest in the area. The Grand Lido Negril Resort and Spa has been voted the best beach in the Caribbean and the sixth best beach in the world according to the Travel Channel.

Spice Resort– Canary Islands
Located on Lanzarote, one of the Spanish Canary Islands, Spice Resort began in 2010 as one of the first all-inclusive, adults-only, clothing optional private resorts. Located within steps of nude beaches, the resort itself encourages visitors to eschew their clothing for the poolside, though they do encourage clothes during meals. They offer top of the line alcohol in suites, as well as top of the line food. They offer regular entertainment, as well as theme nights.

Sorobon Beach Resort — Bonaire
Bonaire is located off the main island in the Netherlands Antilles. This is a land of pristine beaches and crystal clear water, where you can swim, go scuba diving, and relax on the beach with or without your suit at any time. The shallow bay is protected by a coral reef and is perfect for scuba diving and swimming. The resort even offers its own in-house library, where you can read the newest novels on a take a book, leave a book honor system. To keep you safe at night, they have in-house security on the resort from 10 pm to 6 am, in case you have concerns in the dark. They offer great food and other adventures to go on during your days, though the nights are dedicated to beaches and relaxing.

Caliente Caribe Resort and Spa — Dominican Republic
The Caliente Caribe Resort and Spa is yet another gorgeous, clothing-optional resort located in the Caribbean. Offering luxurious spas, swimming, and sun, the resort doesn’t stop there. All of the rooms face the ocean. One of their highlights is a wonderful waterfall pool that offers some of the most relaxing waters found on this side of the world.

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Nude tourism is a growing industry and more resorts are popping up all the time, across the world, focusing on health and a stress-free, relaxing vacation spot. Nudism, or naturism, focuses on relaxation and overall health, promoting beaches and sports to get you in shape and keep you healthy. When it comes to the ultimate in relaxation, clothing-optional resorts offer gorgeous vistas, luxurious spas, and some of the best ambience you’ll find on your vacation. To find out more about nude tourism click here

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