Tips For Surviving New Year’s Eve In Las Vegas

When you are planning to bring in the New Year while celebrating in Las Vegas, getting organized ahead of time and knowing where to go once you arrive can help you survive your trip. Enjoying your time while in Las Vegas is possible by planning ahead of time and doing your research before booking any getaway to celebrate New Year’s.

Book Early
Booking your accommodations early is highly recommended if you plan to bring in the New Year in Las Vegas, regardless of where you want to stay. Because Las Vegas is a well-known tourist area and is known for its holiday events and celebrations, booking early is a way to ensure the best rates on vehicles and hotel rooms you are interested in staying in. You can book early at the Hard Rock to get accommodations regardless of the date near New Year’s or NYE if you book enough in advance.

Plan Accordingly
Plan your entertainment options in Las Vegas once you arrive based on your hotel’s location and the casino you plan to use most frequently during your stay. You can find various parking garages around Las Vegas to keep your vehicle while you are enjoying yourself. You can also opt to keep it at your hotel if it is in close proximity to the nearest casino and dining options you are interested in.

Getting directions before heading off to Las Vegas is highly recommended whether you have visited the city in the past or if it is your first time. Storing directions to navigate around your hotel and various casinos you plan to bet in can help to save time when you are calling a taxi or if you are walking or driving to the location yourself. Additionally, it is important to look for directions ahead of time when you are in Las Vegas to avoid any potential road closures or construction that may give you an alternative route you are not familiar with personally.

Finding the right hotel for your stay when you book a room early in Las Vegas is essential to make the most out of your time spent in the city. When you’re thinking of visiting a casino that is located within a hotel, be sure to check whether or not it is required to be a guest of the hotel in order to enter the casino. During New Year’s some hotels in Las Vegas limit their casino players to those who are renting rooms in the hotel. Knowing whether or not it is required to be a guest in a hotel with a casino you are interested in is a way to book the right rooms before your New Year’s celebration.

Planning Your Night Right
Plan your night ahead of time to save on ticket costs. When you plan your night ahead of time you are more likely to get better seats, whether you plan to visit a club, see a show or if you are interested in seeing a music artist such as Imagine Dragons at a concert venue in the city. There are hundreds of shows and venues throughout the city of Las Vegas, even more during special holidays such as New Year’s Eve.

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