Tips for a Cheap Summer Family Holiday

Making smart and sensible choices both before you go on your summer holiday, as well as while you are there, will save you money that could be better spent elsewhere. Many holidaymakers fall into traps set by tourism companies that get them to spend more than they need to. By using a few frugal techniques you can help yourself save money while still having a great family holiday.

MoneyBuy in Advance
If you know you are going to be jetting off for some summer sun, then it will not come as a surprise that you need to purchase a few essential items such as sun hats, sunglasses or sun lotion. Save money by buying these items in the winter months when they are reduced in price or included in offers such as ‘buy one get one free’. Buying these items at the airport or once you reach your destination is likely to cost you at least twice as much.

SunglassesDo You Research
Look up what other travellers have said about the area you are visiting on websites before you leave. You can learn valuable lessons from those who have gone before you. For example you may find that there is an excellent budget-friendly restaurant just around the corner from where you will be based, or that the local shop sells much cheaper snacks than the gift shop in your hotel. Make a note of any good value restaurants, shops or activities in the area and remember to take it with you.

LiloMake the Most of Free Attractions
Don’t spend a fortune by visiting endless theme parks and attractions when there is plenty of fun to be had for free. Enjoy picnics at local parks, spend days by your hotel pool or buy a cheap volleyball or tennis set to involve all of your family in sports on the beach. If you have hired a villa, investigate the items included that you could make use of to save money. Many villas’ benefit from included sun loungers or inflatable beach toys. Take these along with you to the beach to avoid having to pay the cost of hiring chairs or buying blow-up rubber rings from the beach shop.

InternetBook Your Holiday Online
Booking your holiday online has become the accepted way of cutting costs for your annual trip, but there are still plenty of ways you can cut costs further. Investigate whether it will be cheaper to book your flights and hotel separately or whether a package deal will be more cost effective. Book far in advance if you have decided exactly where you want to go, or are tied in to taking holiday on specific dates as good deals can be found at the time when holidays are just released onto the market. Alternatively if you are more flexible then try to wait until the last minute to book your deal when holiday prices are at their most competitive. Booking all inclusive holidays online is also a great way to keep costs down as you won’t have to worry about eating at expensive restaurants every night!

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