The Holiday Home Owner’s Guide To Exceptional Accommodation

The Holiday Home Owner’s Guide to Exceptional Accommodation

If you’re a holiday home owner, it’s important to leave a lasting impression on your guests. With no rating system in place for holiday rentals, your reputation (and therefore business) will often hang on the strength of your website testimonials and word of mouth recommendations.

So how do you go about impressing guests when they arrive at your holiday home? Cleanliness and decor are expected, so don’t just presume that because your home is immaculately turned out that it will instantly wow your guests. To make a truly memorable experience for your holidaymakers, consider adding some extra touches to make their stay feel like a home from home:

Bathroom Basics

There’s no need to go overboard on this one, but it should be obvious that your bathroom can’t simply be clean and well presented. When your guests arrive at your holiday home, the last thing they want to do is head to the shops to buy toilet rolls and hand soap. Make sure the bathroom is fully stocked with the essentials.

Breakfast Supplies

Often, your guests will be arriving from the airport when local shops have already closed. This can be a real pain, especially if your rental property is a country cottage with few shops nearby. Try and make sure there’s a selection of breakfast snacks available, as well as tea and coffee. If you really want to impress, how about providing fresh milk, eggs and bread for your guests?

Store Cupboard Essentials

People that choose a holiday cottage or apartment often do so because they love to cook: Your home’s facilities will be far superior to those in a boxy hotel. With that in mind, make sure your guests don’t have to shop for lots of store cupboard essentials that will waste their food budget: Salt, pepper, olive oil, canned tomatoes. You’ll rarely be out of pocket, as these items will last for months.

Kitchen Equipment

There’s nothing worse than trying to cook a meal without the right equipment. It’s a huge struggle to make even a basic salad if the knives are blunt and there aren’t enough bowls or utensils to go around.

The Mini Bar

Okay, so you don’t need to have a dedicated fridge with dozens of miniature bottles inside, but it’s a nice touch to include a bottle of wine and a few beers for your guests. This is the sort of touch that’s above and beyond the call of duty, so it should be very well received.


Even people on holiday are likely to stay indoors for the odd night. Make sure the TV is working and you’ve provided a few DVDs and even board games. Local tourism guides, “what’s on” pamphlets and even cookbooks will be appreciated by your guests.

Anything Else?

When it comes to offering holiday accommodation, it’s really important that you provide the basics, but it’s the thoughtful details that really help to make a holiday memorable. Get those right, and your good reputation will keep you booked well into the future!

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