The Emirates A380 Travel Experience – Emirates A380 First class business class tickets

Flying in the A380 is like flying in your own private jet. The Emirates A380 first and business class has changed the way you think about flying 40,000 feet in air. From private suites and shower spas in First class to flat bed eats in Business class to extra room and custom lighting in Economy class, this is the most personal travel experience you can get. The following breakdown explains better what makes this aircraft the most exclusive experience in air.

  1. The 40,000 feet spa: pampering and luxury know no bounds in the A380. With the first ever shower spa facility provided by Emirates, you can boost your energy at a moment’s notice. Just lie down and soak in all that we have to offer. Use our Bvlgari toiletries and signature Timeless Spa products to rejuvenate your senses. Once you are done with the spa you can order a juice of your choice and de-tox. This is the perfect start to your day with Emirates.
  2. Visit the onboard lounge: once you are dressed and fresh you can move up to our bar which is open exclusively to the Emirates A380 first class and business class ticket holders. Here you will meet other passengers and can indulge in a conversation of two while you choose your drink. There is a wide range of spirits, cocktails, wines and other hot and cold beverages at your disposal. It is an excellent networking opportunity for all our passengers and a great way to spend time without getting bored.
  3. Spend some alone time: you can slide the privacy doors closed and take some time to yourself to unwind. There is a personal mini bar if you don’t want the attendants to bring you champagne or wine. There is also a dresser to help you prepare for your day ahead. You can choose a movie or season of your choice or play something you brought with you and turn your cabin in to a mini cinema. The personal entertainment system along with full flat bed seats help you lie back and enjoy your time without any interruption. The flat bed seats are big enough to help you sleep comfortably to be alert upon arrival at your destination.
  4. Arrive inspired: your personal space can help you think and work on your next music piece or blog post or the chapter of your new book. The seats have plugs to help you recharge your electronic devices while you are on the go.

Have a unique food experience: the meals are prepared keeping the large international diversity in mind and kids have their own special menu. You can request meals at your own convenience or wait for them to be served to you. The ingredients are fresh and custom made and you can enjoy a luxurious multi course meal while you look over the clouds from your window. The Emirates A380 first and business class tickets holders have all the reason to come back to this airline over and over again.

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