The Best Ski Resorts In The World

The best ski resorts in the world

Skiing holidays are extremely popular as they offer a unique blend of sports, exhilarating fun and beauty. There can however be dangers and one should always consider investing in ski insurance before embarking on a trip. In this article we will outline some of the best ski resorts for both young people and those with the family.

Bernese in Switzerland has been one of the country’s most popular ski resorts for many generations and is great for the intermediate skier. The resort hosts a selection of blue and red runs that are ideal for gentle trips down the mountainside. The resort does also hold the lauberhorn downhill course, which is famous for being one of the toughest courses in the skiing World Cup. The resort is completely free of traffic and let’s no vehicles through the town, apart from hired taxis, making it relaxing and stress free, especially if small children are present.

Those that require somewhere quiet yet still entertaining for the young ones in the family should head to Savoie in France. This beautiful village is simple but effective for keen skiers. It is also a very cost effective location and has a selection of different pistes and off pistes, which attract the more skilled skiers. The selection of well-maintained nurseries in the resort are what make this stand out as a great place for families who have children. The nurseries, which vary in size around the village take on children as young as 3 and provide parties and skiing trips on and off the pistes. The small selection of pistes that are available are also popular with experts, who began developing the area in the last 10 years as a respected ski resort, after the mountains started to become more and more popular as an area for skiing.

Val D’Isere is one of the most popular skiing resorts in France and is great for both young people and for those with families in tow. The wide selection of skiing slopes, restaurants and chalets should appeal to most. However, the resort also boasts a selection of bars and options for those that enjoy partying and night life. A selection of nursery day care centres are also available at the resort that should appeal to those parents that wish to escape off to the slopes for a couple of hours.

The resort of Quebec in Canada is perfect for those who wish for a stylish ski resort to get away to. Based in the French speaking area of the Country, the resort is a traffic free village that is blissful in its design and overall mood. Beautiful cobbled streets lead one through the colourful buildings, before a heated gondola takes skiers across to the mountainside. The mountains have a varied selection of slopes that should suit all skill levels. The resort is however very cold and warm ski designed clothing is strongly advised at all times of the year.

Voralberg in Austria is a ski resort for those that are happy for some extravagance throughout their trip . The location offers a selection of more expensive four star hotels and high quality restaurants. The slopes are all within walking distance from the chalet’s and make skiing quick and easy after and before relaxing in the comfort of the indoors. The resort is known for its heavy snow fall, which means that the slopes are always ready for skiing action. However, those who aren’t keen on a fair amount of powder snow may not be keen.

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