The 5 Top Ski Destinations for the Winter Sports Enthusiasts

If you are a winter sports enthusiast then I am sure you are looking for your next destination. There are hundreds of great skiing destinations that you could explore this winter. However, this article is designed to give you a glimpse into the 5 all-time best locations. You will also learn why these destinations have been selected for your enjoyment and a few tips on how to stay safe on the slopes.

  • Jackson Hole Mountain (Wyoming). This ski resort comes first in the list because of the natural beauty, excellent slopes, photogenic landscape, and the ability to boast the greatest continuous rise in the U.S. There are three skiing spots that cater to different skill levels. The rungs have been rated 50% expert, 40% intermediates, and 10% beginner. Rendezvous Mountain has Jackson Hole’s most advanced terrain and over 4,100 vertical feet of skiing. The mountain receives around 500 inches of yearly snow and has a large skiable area. Its proximity to the airport, affordable lodging areas close to the resort and many other advantages are the reasons sports lovers enjoy this location.
  • Alta (Utah). This resort, sometimes considered holy ground by die hard skiers, has continued to be an extremely popular destination. It has one of the oldest ski resorts in the country which opened its first lift in the late 1930s. It is also one of three remaining ski resorts that prohibits snowboarders. It has a vertical gain of 2,020 feet and is easy for skiers to discover plum lines at multiple directions.
  • Whistler (Canada).  This skiing destination is appropriate for all categories of sports enthusiasts from the newbie all the way to the professional. The Winter Olympics were held here in 2010 which helped the area develop many new lodging and ski facilities. The most appreciated thing about this place is the beautiful scenes of the mountains and the fact that it is opened to visitors throughout the year (it does not have snow all year). It’s one of the places boarders and skiers have come to appreciate and love.
  • Telluride (Colorado). This is another top destination for winter skiers because of its large skiable arena, which has held visitors captive with its charm. It has become the dream of every skier because of its 300 plus inches (snow) on a yearly basis.
  • Innsbruck and Aspen (Colorado). Innsbruck is reputable for hosting the Winter Olympics on multiple occasions. It also has slopes built for skiers of all skill levels. Aspen is another destination that promises a great time for all winter skiers. It is known for its high end restaurants, boutiques, and landmarks.

Avoiding Brain Injuries While Skiing  

Safety while on the slopes should be a priority for both beginner and expert. It is easy slip due to a misplaced foot or loss of balance while skiing. However, when going at rapid speeds this fall could lead to a possible head injury, even with a helmet on. Different types of brain injuries can occur when people fall while skiing. The risk associated with this fall should not be taken with levity even if a person “looks” ok externally. Medical assistance should be sought in every fall to make sure all is well. Possible solutions to preventing brain injury includes ensuring equipment is in good shape, becoming familiar with the slope and checking the state of the weather prior to heading out. Injuries are not preferential to any type of athlete. It is crucial that every precaution be taken before heading out to ski.

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