The 5 Best Winter Vacation Ideas

One of the best Christmas presents you can treat your family and loved-ones to is a winter break to somewhere new and exciting. It will be a trip that is fun for the whole family, that both you, your children and your partner will never forget. Most destinations have something that will entertain the whole family – here’s a list of 5 potential places you can go to, that will sure to put a smile on everybody’s face.

1 – It’s as if the mountain regions of France were built for winter getaways. Offering unparalleled skiing options, beautiful French cuisine, incredible wines and beautiful scenic views, France has something for everyone. Staying in a ski resort is a lot of fun, even for those who don’t like skiing. The young ones can pick up snowboarding or just grab a sledge to bomb down the side of slopes near the chalet, while you enjoy an apres-ski session in the sun. Don’t forget the sun cream.

2 – You don’t have to travel far to have a fantastic winter break, in fact you don’t even have to leave the UK. If you live up North, a trip down South offers something different, and it’s kinder on the bank account. If you live and work in London already, and you’re absolutely sick of the sight of it, then why not venture past the border in to Scotland, where they have some fairly underrated ski slopes, brilliantly crisp weather conditions and some splendid cottage escapes. Scotland is beautiful at during the winter season!

3 – Who said winter breaks have to be cold? If you’re sick of the icy weather and want to remind yourself how those lovely summer months felt, then it’s possible to hop on a plane and head over to the southern hemisphere to enjoy their sunshine. Summer in Australia starts in December and ends in February – the exact opposite of the United Kingdom! So if you didn’t soak up enough rays in June, July and August, then Australia might scratch that sunshine itch for you.

4 – A Christmas holiday in Lapland is brilliant and appropriate, and full of some of the more fascinating activities and sights that the world has to offer. You can meet Santa Claus himself when you take the kids to the places that inspired the legend, or you can stay up late at night to catch the Northern Lights. Lapland offers scenes of natural beauty that are completely unique to that part of the world, and they are truly unforgettable.

5 – Winter breaks don’t just have to be completely family-friendly either. If you and your partner want to go on a winter break with a bit more edge, then Berlin’s world famous clubs might be a little more up your street. While the weather can be quite cold in Berlin, the clubs still stay open, with some still serving drinks and playing music 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Berlin is also an intriguing place for history, and architecture, with some of the more fascinating cultural offerings in the whole of Europe.


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