Six Simple Ways to Rent a Car for Long-Term


Most people rent a car for short term when in another city or country but if you’re on an important business trip, it may take long. Here you’ll need a long-term substitute as compared to the regular deal with prospects of rental for a couple of months or more. Finding an economical and durable car rental involves similar search procedure as that of a usual deal but with a little more research.

Start checking official websites of different companies and third-party travel sites as well, compare offers and compensation before fixing an agreement. It’s better to negotiate in person but phone, email or live web-chat are some other alternatives. Though every car company has long-term rental programs, services and cost may vary so be sure to ask all details.

  1. Go for Seasonal Deals or Special Offers

As you’ll possess the vehicle for longer, cost would be significant so give priority to special deals if there’re any. If you’re already a member of an auto road service, the last bill you paid might’ve come with coupons for your next rental. Company’s dedicated websites launch discount programs after every few months so visit frequently or subscribe to their newsletter. Being a member of professional association, maybe they’ve saved a special car hire deal for you! Also ask your present employer if your company offer travel discounts including cars. Coupons are excellent that may offer you a prolific discount for entire term.

  1. Exclusive Bargain Websites

If you’re looking for car leasing in Qatar, better look for travel websites that offer exclusive rental deals. Make sure the service covers the place where you wish to rent or there’s no use making an agreement. It’s possible you’ll land the best deal for extended period with an excellent rate but do remember that hooking yourself with any one service every time would waste your coupons.


car leasing in Qatar

  1. Simply Avoid Rentals at Airport

It’s a known fact that car rental services from airport are more expensive when compared with residential areas. That’s because airport and local authorities charge extra security fees and taxes at airport and other metropolitan locations. Being a local resident, car agencies at airport mightn’t allow you to rent for a long-term unless you’ve arrived from an international flight. So try to avoid booking at airport and do check rates with in-town locations.


  1. Visit Different Companies

Whether it’s shopping or rent-a-car in Doha, visit as many service providers as possible! Just going for a single agency means you’re probably going to get plundered. With many different companies existing in market, competition is fierce while each tries to hoard customers over outstanding deals and discounts. Carefully check and compare rates with your budget before settlement. Keep in mind that regional and local rental companies may offer lower cost as compared to others. Browse internet to find the best independent company from a pool.

rent-a-car in Doha

  1. Prioritise Local Rental Location

Almost every agency keeps margin of negotiation allowing customers to lower the price. This however depends on vehicle availability and a bit of personal flair that won’t hurt. If it’s the first time when renting a car in Middle East or wherever you’re heading, take help from locals and carefully understand the terms to avoid inconvenience.

  1. Rent-to-Buy Deals

Now you might hit the jackpot! If you’re a loyal customer of any particular rental car service, they might offer vehicle rent-to-buy. Carefully choose the car and do take it out for a test spin. Check engine and manoeuvring mechanism along with sales tax factor so on.

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