Six Best Places To Visit In The Philippines

Are you planning to visit The Philippines? With over 7,107+ islands, it would be hard to choose where to go. But we’ve got you covered. The Philippines is a place that is not hard to love and for those who are interested to visit this beautiful tropical country, see the list below for the six best places that you should visit:

  1. City Of Smiles – Bacolod
City Of Smiles - Bacolod
(photo source: the travel visionary)

Bacolod City in the Philippines is tagged as the city of smiles because of the people there. They are very cheerful and happy and when you visit Bacolod, you will truly feel their genuine hospitality. Bacolod is famous for their sweet and buttery butterscotch and it is truly a must-try when you visit the said city. Other tourist attractions in Bacolod include the ff: The Ruins, Negros Museum, San Sebastian Cathedral, Pope John Paul II Tower and many more.

  1. The Last Frontier – Palawan
The Last Frontier - Palawan
(photo source: gopalawantravel)

Palawan is considered as the last frontier of the Philippines because it is the last unsettled area in the country. People are very much protective of this island that they really do their best to campaign for its protection against capitalists who plans to build businesses there that may destroy the wonderful corals of the said place. Puerto Princesa and El Nido are two of the most popular towns in Palawan. There’s also Balabac and Port Barton that are slowly becoming tourists spots as well. If you are visiting Palawan, you cannot miss the beauty of their underground river.

  1. The New Zealand of The Philippines – Batanes
New Zealand of The Philippines
(photo source: FilipiKnow)

Batanes is one of the best places you should definitely visit in the Philippines. Often called the New Zealand of the Philippines, the beautiful place is located in the topmost part of the Philippines just one ship away from Taiwan. People go here for the beautiful view but there are also the ones who go here to have a detox from stress. You should definitely not miss this place when you get to the Philippines!

  1. Shoe Capital of The Philippines – Marikina
Shoe Capital of The Philippines
(photo source: wikimapia)

This place needs no explaining, if you love shoes, Marikina is the place to be. This is the place that started the shoe industry in the Philippines and while there are so many new shoemakers and shoe outlets across the country, people still pave their way to Marikina for authentic and handmade shoes.

  1. Christmas Capital of the Philippines – Cavite
Christmas Capital of the Philippines
(photo source: go visit philippines)

Cavite is one of the most populated cities in the Philippines and the famous Aguinaldo Shrine is also located in this place. Cavite is called the christmas capital of the Philippines because this is where you can find some of the best christmas lights and decorations that you can buy from your home. Cavite is also famous for tahong and other seafoods.

  1. Summer Capital of the Philippines – Baguio
Summer Capital of the Philippines
(photo source: out of town blog)

Baguio is called the summer capital of the Philippines because it is the coldest place in the Philippines and during summer where it is really hot in Metro Manila, people travel to baguio for a short vacation to escape the heat and feel more relaxed with family and friends. If you’re going to Baguio, you should definitely try their ube jam and fresh strawberries.

The Philippines is really a great country that you should visit and you will surely keep coming back because of its beauty.

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