Road Trip Essential & Things to Keep in Mind

If your idea of an escape involves a road trip, there are few road trip essentials for people to keep up a similar level of comfort throughout the journey. Road trips are especially popular in winters/monsoon season in India as the weather is enjoyable.

Cold breeze passing through the hair, windows down, that wonderful view racing along the car but you are still whiney, why? You have not catered your road trip needs to be comfortable enough can be one of the reason.
Licenses, car papers, documents, registration along with travel apps that come to our mind first. After all who needs travel agent when you have certain best travel apps to plan your entire trip. But, we are here to remind you some of the basic road trip essential before you plan your next trip.
1. A Health and Hygiene Pack
In case of emergencies, always prepare yourself for the worst. A handful of band-aids (especially when you’re hiking/trekking), sanitizer and face wipes should still be present in your bag when you head out of the house for a trip.
2. Car Checklist
Make sure your car has gone through a complete check before you go on a long road trip. Whether its the air in tires, jack, spare wheel, coolant, toolkit or oil levels, just ensure everything has gone through a check once.
3. Spare Cash
No one is going to cash your plastic money in a remote area. It is always advisable you always carry a substantial amount of cash to avoid such issues. Not to mention change coins as well, it not only saves trouble but also a lot of time.
4. Make a Playlist
Who doesn’t love listening to music as a matter of fact? You can’t rely on the radio for your entire journey as we tend to get bored of it after a while. My suggestion to you is making a playlist of your favorite songs either on YouTube and save them offline or just simply copy the music to a flash drive.
5. Snack, Snacks, and Snacks
Not everytime you are going to find a nice pitstop, especially at the remote highways. Sometimes even your itinerary doesn’t allow you to take breaks now and then. Therefore, carry some peanuts, juice boxes, energy bars or anything of your choice.
6. Stay Charged
Imagine a day without your phone or iPad or laptop; wait what, you can’t? To keep your tech alive during a road trip is the most vital and important job to do. If you are a photographer or blogger, the primary responsibility is to keep extra fully charged batteries, power bank, chargers for all of your devices and respective cables. Although, I would prefer to turn off my phone while taking a vacation but it is integral that you carry them along as you might need to call for help.
7. Reading Material
Don’t forget to keep your companion if you are a voracious reader and save yourself from boredom. You have been warned here, thank me later!
8. Dress to De-stress
Do your homework and pack weather appropriate clothes, comfortable shoes and warm clothes if traveling to the mountains. I wouldn’t suggest to carry or wear valuable jewelry while on trips to remote areas. It just adds to your pressure to look after those pricey belongings. A pair of t-shirts, comfortable jeans, denim jacket, and sunglasses are favorite go-to trip outfits.

These were some road trip essential we discussed to make your travel smoother ensuring you guys have a great time. However, road trip essentials depend largely on your travel destinations and kind of the weather you are going to be exposed to. Keep it light, handy and simple and have fun. Did we miss on anything? Let us know in the comment section below.
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