Reasons to Consider a Pull Out Kitchen Bin

A pull out bin can be a secret weapon for an efficient kitchen. They can cope with the dirty job of dealing with your kitchen waste and recycling. A pull out kitchen bin offers some unique advantages, so here we’ll explore some of the reasons to consider installing one in your kitchen.

Neat and Out of Sight
When you plan your dream kitchen, do you imagine having a kitchen bin cluttering up the floor space? It’s not likely. A pull out bin tucks rubbish and recycling neatly out of sight, so you don’t need to look at a messy bin or try to deal with a tiny receptacle tucked under your sink.

Kitchen Bin

A Seamless Integration
Since a pull out bin is essentially a deep drawer, it can be integrated into your cabinetry easily. This means that you can enjoy enhanced functionality without compromising your kitchen style. In fact, you may find that your pull out kitchen bin has a false front to ensure a completely seamless integration into your cabinetry.

Great Ease of Use
If you enjoy cooking frequently, you’ll be aware that one of the trickiest and most common tasks is removing chopping remnants. You either need to carefully carry your chopping board across the kitchen or try to bring your bin to your prep area. By having a pull out bin below your prep area, you can sweep any waste directly into the bin.

Boost Your Recycle Power
A pull out kitchen bin can also be configured to make recycling easier. You can arrange to have multiple bins in the same drawer to allow waste sorting. Depending on your chosen system, you can have multiple smaller bins or two sizeable bins to allow you to sort your rubbish as you dispose of it.

Increased Odour Control
One of the major issues with waste bins is lingering odours in the kitchen. Pull out bins are designed with securely sealing lids to keep any odours in check. The lids are only open as you use the bins, so you don’t need to worry about nasty smells affecting your cooking and dining experience.

Easy Maintenance
Pull out bins are also designed for easy maintenance. The bins can be easily removed from the drawer for emptying and cleaning with some models also featuring a storage compartment so you can keep your bin bags on hand. While they are smaller than some freestanding bins, you won’t need to wrestle with heavy bags that are prone to splitting. So, you won’t need to worry about having to mop the kitchen floor again and again because rubbish spilled out of a split bag.

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation and are considering a pull out kitchen bin, you should speak to us. At The Kitchen Door Company, we not only offer a fantastic selection of kitchen cabinet doors but also accessories such as pull out bin models. You’ll also find our team members available to discuss your requirements to help you realise all the details of your dream kitchen.

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