Planning a Family Trip to Palawan

Planning for the perfect family vacation trip can be a huge hustle. It’s not an easy task especially where kids are involved. The Palawan Island offers so many breath-taking tourist destination and picking which ones to go to can be a challenging albeit fun task. A family trip to the Palawan Island is definitely a good idea for a long vacation. With the right amount of planning and preparation, it should be very enjoyable. Some of the factors one needs to consider before finalizing on the trip is making sure they have enough money to spend, making sure all that is needed has been packed and also getting in touch with a credible and reliable travel agency to help them with the travel arrangements.

shThe Palawan Island contains a lot of rain forests and beautiful beaches with white sand. The landscape is breath-taking with mountain rangers and other attractions not forgetting the rich culture of the indigenous people there. This is one of those trips that people often remember about for years to come after visiting.  For those interested in history, the island has a lot of rich history with some of it being oral while the rest can be found in the museum and the myriad of cultural centres.

If one is lucky to get a good travel agency, then the affordable packages will ensure that the family has more to spend on the tourist sites and while exploring what this beautiful island has to offer. Those who plan on renting cars while there would have to book driving test to ascertain that they can indeed drive and that they have all the relevant qualification. This is standard procedure to ensure the safety of the individual as well as the safety of the general populace.

There are many places to visit when traveling to Palawan but the following are the top tourist destinations one might consider

waPuerto Princesa City A tour to this place ensures a great bonding session for the family. There are ranches and all if not most kids love to see animals and play with them. There’s also Baker’s hill which has a theme park with delicious pastry and other sweet dishes. Anyone who wants to treat their kids must take them here at some point during the visit.

Tour to the underground river for those with older kids, a trip to the famous underground river would make unforgettable memories. The next to the river is the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park contains an education building where can learn and also experience one of the famous seven wonders of nature.

Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Centre for anyone who loves nature, a trip to the Palawan Island without visiting this place would be incomplete. It’s famously referred to as the crocodile farm because of the big number of crocodiles contained in the centre. The kids can learn about the various species of crocodiles. In addition to this, there’s a mini zoo for kids who would love to see more animals.

With adequate preparation this is definitely a trip that would be on the family members’ memories for a long time to come. It’s a truly magical place waiting to be explored!

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