Packing Tips that Every Corporate Traveler Should Follow

When packing for business trips, it is important to think strategically. You probably won’t be gone too long so you don’t want to over pack, but you also do not want to forget the essentials. There can be so much to think about that you might miss the chance to focus on what is most important: your work. If you are a frequent corporate traveler, follow these basic packing tips and make your next business trip a snap.

Plan ahead
The easiest way to ensure that you bring all the essentials and leave the things that aren’t is to adequately plan ahead. A few days before your trip, take a look at your travel itinerary to see where you will be and what you will need while you’re there. It is also paramount that you investigate the dress code of the places you are going, especially in other countries,and then plan your wardrobe accordingly.

Try not to check any bags
Ideally you want to avoid checking any baggage because doing so will incur unnecessary charges, and picking up your bags post-flight will take extra time that you may not have. That means that you only have room to pack the essentials so make room for the must-have items. In addition, use a bag that won’t cause problems at checkpoints. If it takes more than a minute to repack what the TSA takes out, then you are only wasting more time.

Know what to pack
Since you are packing a small bag, make sure to pack only the essentials. You always want to have a small kit that contains headache medicine, Band-Aids and other first aid necessities. Even if your business trip lasts one day, you will probably want to take a small toothbrush and toothpaste kit so you can freshen up after your airport lunch. You can also save money on food by packing a few small low-calorie snacks.

Of course, remember to bring any backup chargers you may need in order to keep your laptop and cellphones powered on. Other small electronic items you may want to carry include a WIFI hotspot device as well as your own personal GPS device to avoid paying for one at the rental car place. Finally, bring an extra pair of leisure clothes just in case.

Keep your electronics safe
You’re an important business professional and that means that you have important business tools. When traveling for business, there may be times when you have your laptop, smartphone and your tablet in your possession and it is important to keep these items safe. If applicable, use locks to secure your cases and bags and if you absolutely need to check baggage, put your more expensive items in that bag. As a final safeguard, you may even want to keep your expensive electronics insured in the case that an item is stolen or destroyed.

Proper planning for traveling abroad
If you are flying to an international destination, special planning and specialized packing will be necessary. For the planning aspect, pick an airline that offers a great business class section so that you can get your work done mid-flight. Websites like Business World Travel offer tickets and upgrades on the cheap so you can focus on your upcoming meetings. When traveling abroad, it is also imperative that you remember to pack the proper adapters necessary for the country you are visiting. Complete a basic Internet search to find the proper adapter for your destination.

As a business professional on the go, the last thing you want to think about is proper packing and the risk of leaving something at home. Luckily, with careful preparation and planning, you will always have everything you need.

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