Pack your bags like a Pro

  • Plan ahead

Avoid packing things that you’ll never use. Normally, 80% of the things you pack never come to use. Be sure to plan before you pack. After you have packed, take a hard look on your suitcase. Is there anything extra that you’ve packed which you won’t use on the trip? Take that out. It is only when you lay down all the things in front of you, you can then decide that is unnecessary for you to pack.

  • Put your clothes on a diet

“Choosing thin clothing that packs flat over thicker, more bulky items makes a huge difference in how much you can fit in your suitcase,” says Susan Foster, author of Smart Packing for Today’s Traveler.

Well, obviously this doesn’t apply if you’re visiting somewhere cold. While packing goes for, light-weight options instead of jeans & heavy sweater. Try to use weather-resistant fabric. There aren’t quite as many fabrics that give more satisfaction than merely going for them while wearing.

  • Wear what you can’t pack

If you really want to take something with you but you don’t want to pack it, you can always wear it. A ski sweater or a full-length overcoat will do just fine. After all, you don’t to freeze to death while you do all the shopping right?

  • Wrinkle-free clothes

If you arrive at your destination stress-free but your clothes were not that lucky, you can always take care of the wrinkles. Just hang these clothes while you take a shower and these clothes will be as new as before.  This is a sure-shot trick that works every time.

  • Pack for compatibility

No need to pack a different outfit for each day. While traveling fewer clothes means more place for the necessary stuff. Just take some basic colors with you. That can be used again and again. What you can do is to pack some additional tips that will make the perfect combination with every color and you will look new with every other top. The best way to pack clothes is to roll them. When you roll the clothes you can save space for more clothes.

  • Think Bling

You can always spice up your clothes with small accessories. These will not only look good on you, in fact, they will add color to your personality. These compact accessories will not only save space on your suitcases, they will be a value added item for your traveling needs.

  • Fewer Shoes, more luggage space

Do you really need to take shoes for every outfit? I don’t think so. Just pack general colors shoes like Brown or Black and one pair of heels and you’re good to go. When packing the shoes make sure you place them on toe-to-heel at the bottom of your luggage along the edge. This will save space for other items. You can also place socks in your shoes to make the perfect outfit combo.

  • Make your carry count

This is a no brainer but still, sometimes I miss this one. The point of traveling is to enjoy the visit not live permanently at your hotel. So pick the few necessary things and you are good to go. No need to go into every single detail. Just the necessary stuff.

Before I conclude let me share one important tip which can be life saving for you. Before you rent out any hotel room make sure to verify the electrical safety testing. Often time’s hotel rooms ignore this minute detail and this is paid by the person living in the room. This will be a safety for you and your family.

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