Maltese Culture

As winter approaches, cultural holidays become more popular among cultural enthusiasts. One of the most cultural places on Earth is Malta and its sister Island Gozo. The Maltese islands offer over 7000 years of history, culture and heritage.

Prior to Malta gaining its independence in 1964, the Island was ruled by various nations which all left their footprint on the Maltese culture. The first inhabitants of Malta and Gozo are believed to have been from Sicily and arrived on the islands around 5000BC. Malta offer tourists some of the oldest buildings on Earth, coming from the period of 4000-2500 BC. Some of these cultural places are Ghar Dalam, Mnajdra, Hagar Qim, and the Hal Tarxien Hypogeum.

Malta not only possesses some of the most cultural places, it also offers cultural events all year round. St. James Centre for Creativity, which is a restored fortification, is the heart of contemporary works of art. This unique building hosts some of the most important art work events on the Island. On the other hand the National Museum of Fine Arts, which is a Rococo building from the 1570s, showcases some of the magnificent art from Renaissance to modern art. These historic buildings are always busy with exhibitions running all year round.

Theatrical and cultural music events are also popular on the Island. One of the main places where such events are hosted is the Manoel Theatre. Manoel Theatre can be found in the capital city of Malta, Valletta. Valletta is a jewel in the Mediterranean when it comes to culture. Valletta was voted to be the European Capital of Culture in 2018, better known as the V.18.

Gozo is also rich when it comes to culture and events. Victoria, the capital city of Gozo, offers two opera houses as well as open air venues, which due to the Maltese warm climate, these places operate almost all year round. Gozo doesn’t only offer cultural events; it is also rich in natural heritage which is ideal for those who like to go for walks by the sea or in the countryside.

Gozo also offers traditional Gozo activities from time to time. Such traditional events are normally given the name of Notte Gozitana.  Normally these events last for a whole weekend. The programme includes a balanced mix of entertainment, culture and different art forms. The performances are always live and ranges from street acts and historical re-enactments which bring back to life the old traditions of Malta and Gozo. Such performances make use of unusual venues which make the events more exciting. These activities compliment the backdrop in the unique atmosphere offered by the Island of Gozo.

One must keep Malta in mind when choosing the next winter holiday, as it has a lot to offer especially for the cultural enthusiast.

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