Kuala Lumpur is Serving up a Myriad of Colorful Experiences

An amalgamation of modern sophistication and old world charm, Kuala Lampur in truly a 21st Century metropolis. This vibrant city that is bustling with shopping malls and a colorful jumble of street markets, also comes adorned with beautiful mosques and temples, thus reflecting its remarkable culture diversity. With so much on display, Kuala Lampur is definitely a globetrotters dream come true!

A shopper’s paradise, Kuala Lampur is home to grand shopping malls that have a never-ending stream of stores selling both international and local brands. So go ahead and include the shopaholic in you. From designer discoveries to artsy finds, IT products to classic timepieces, the city boasts of the best retail therapy there is. Glitzy malls, small quaint shops, local markets buzzing with life – the endless list of options to choose from make Kuala Lampur Southeast Asia’s premier shopping destination. Add to this the Malaysia Mega Sale carnival that take place from June 5th to September 2nd and you will be sure to shop till you drop, literally! Aside from the amazing discounts and a variety of special offers that await you at every store, the city is also geared to help you get rid of the fatigue after your shopping spree-just step inside one of its many spas and wellness retreats.

prefer to pamper the foodie in you? This city is also a gourmand’s haven and promises to satiate your taste buds with its varied offerings. Indulge in mouth-watering local or international cuisines, visit the fine dining restaurants or sample the assorted street food, you will always be left wanting more. Ramadhan, the month of fasting for Muslims, gives the food-loving people of Kuala Lampur another reason to indulge in delectable delicacies. As the city gears up for the “breaking of fast,” all the hotels and restaurants some alive with special buffets and set menus.

While Kuala Lampur is the perfect year-round destination time your visit around the months of August and September when the city comes alive with a kaleidoscope of colors and festivity. From the Hari Raya celebrations to Malaysia Day, the city is bursting with feelings of merriment and revelry. Merdeka Day (National Independence Day) celebration on August 31st is known for the annual parade past the Dataram Merdeka – a visual delight that wil leave you enchanted.

A doorway to a multi-hued Asian experience, Kuala Lampur will also enthrall with its art galleries, theatres and music halls. Museums, memorials and heritage buildings are in abundance for those intrigued by history. They recently launched a musical fountain at the KLCC park that delights with its rhythmic dance to popular tunes. What’s more, Kuala Lampur has all the glitter and glamour for party lovers after the sun goes down.

So, what are you waiting for? Step into a world of myriad experiences with a trip to Kuala Lampur: Immerse yourself in a sensational shopping experience or revisit Malaysia’s rich history and colonial past; holiday in a luxury retreat or simply enjoy a budget holiday-this city promises you the best of everything. For more information, please visit www.visitkl.gov.my

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