Know What to Expect In the Diversity of Singapore

Are you looking to visit Singapore? Then there can possibly not be a better choice for reasons more than one. This is one of the places you can’t ever miss in south-east Asia. You see, it’s not all shopping malls and concrete only. Rather there are so many green spaces that you’d love to explore. Added to that is the fact that Singapore is bike friendly and boasts of a matrix of skywalks that connect so many parks. You can easily lose yourself in its charm and forget that you’re in a bustling city. This is why it’s better to acquaint yourself better with certain aspects of Singapore before you’re actually there.

The diversity is its pride
You can’t afford to miss the rather diverse population which includes Indian, Malay, Chinese and so many foreign workers as well. At the same point of time, wealth abounds and English is literally everywhere. The diversity is bound to attract you like no other. Here you could get lost so easily that you wouldn’t even know how. Then again you could be happy doing something as simple as eating and socializing in front of a waterfront or taking advantage of the many creative and cultural highlights you can find there.

Some serious fines to encounter
You’ll hear residents sarcastically referring to Singapore as the “fine city”. This is essentially due to the heavy local fines that are imposed on people and that too for rather small infractions. You could be fined for jay walking, drinking on a train, riding your bike on the sidewalk, smoking in the wrong places, or even chewing gum for that matter. So all it takes is for you to be a tad cautious.

Various entry requirements
If you thought, taking care of your passport requirements would be all that’s required to get into Singapore and that too with anything and everything, then you’re wrong. There are many nationalities who might not even need to arrange for a travel visa before making it to Singapore, but the US passport is a must and only then would you be permitted a 90-day stay for free. Another very strict factor in place is the immigration laws of Singapore. You can’t really bring in undeclared and prohibited items through immigration. Even when it comes to bringing any number of cigarettes into Singapore, you’ve got to pay an expensive duty as tax. Other items that are prohibited include the likes of pirated DVDs, chewing gums, electronic cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and so many others.

Language and money
The other 2 important aspects about Singapore which you should acquaint yourself with include the money factor and language. Chinese, Tamil or South Indian, Bahasa Malay and English are the official languages. As for encountering a language barrier during Singapore travel, then you’re not likely to encounter any. The SDP or Singapore dollar is the official money here.

It’s a pleasure to be in Singapore for more reasons than one. All it takes is for you to acquaint yourself better with certain basics and you’re all set to fly in.

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