Key Things You Need to Know About the First Impression

It is commonly said that you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Also, you may have heard that first impressions are important. Well, for great relationships, especially romantic ones, first impressions are of the utmost importance. If you have connected with a potential soul mate on a dating site like, have never met them face-to-face, and have arranged a physical meeting, the first impression will really matter.

Below are some things you need to know about a first impression, especially in regard to romantic relationships:

Both your date’s first impression and the impression you make on them matter
It is important to bear in mind that in any mindful dating, it is not only the impression that others get of us that matters, but also that which others leave on us. According to Amy Cuddy, a psychologist from the Harvard School of Business, most people form two opinions upon meeting a new person: how friendly and trustworthy someone is, and the other person’s intentions. Due to the high importance of these two things on a first date, it is crucial to be conscientious of first impressions. When it comes to our first impression on others, physical appearance takes a central position. Always contemplate what kind of message that your clothes, hairstyle, and general appearance will give about you. Being keen and proud of your style indicates you value yourself and that you are confident.

Your behavior influences the first impression you give
Your behavior is also crucial in giving a great first impression—maintain eye contact, have a smile, and where appropriate make a handshake, but not a bone-crushing one (men are often guilty of this). You need not be too hard on yourself, and instead focus your attention on the other person and ask them meaningful questions. They will see your sincere interest in them through the attention you offer. You must avoid insincere compliments and be aware of the cues that hint when the other has a point they want to share with you or when they are disinterested with the topic you are raising. Also, let your thoughts match your intentions; for example, do not try to come out as a warm person if you are very judgmental.

Avoid being judgmental to get a good first impression of others
When shaping the impression you form on others, it is good to try to find pleasant things in them, especially if you immediately formed a negative impression when you first saw them. You may get a deeper look into their personality and realize that their first impression was tentative, which will help you conclude about their real character at the end of your time with them. Also, as you look at their appearance, consider if the meeting was planned as the first date or if it was an impromptu one. Furthermore, try to be observant of their behavior without being judgmental, and give allowance for the uneasiness of first-time interactions so you can see them as they truly are. Moreover, you should take note of their traits when they are not dealing directly with you. This is because people tend to project their best character on first encounters, but cannot feign who they are for long. You may observe how they treat waiters and other people, as well as pick out any casual remarks they make. Still, do not criticize them, as they may then change their real behavior.

The foundation of the first impression is from within
The foundation of the first impression is from the internal characteristics that one portrays or possesses. People form a good first impression of people who look warm, sincere, confident, trustworthy, kind, and credible, among other such great positive traits. Generally, they look for people who seem to have something to offer, not necessarily material things, but other intrinsic things.

If you are keen on leaving a great first impression, you should work on your inner values. You cannot feign so many of these things such as interest in people or confidence. You must have an open mind, be empathetic, and build confidence through acquiring skills or experience in a certain area, and so on.

Enhance the first impression by portraying your best qualities
External things also are crucial in giving a great first impression, although as earlier stated, a good first impression has its foundation from deep within. Your external mechanics are crucial for a great first impression—your behavior, body language, and your conversation. Avoid doing or saying a thing that may portray a less favorable impression of yourself, which may take so long to overcome, or you may never get a chance to rectify. Also some mannerisms and conversation approaches may put off others, or they may make it difficult to clearly bring out your best qualities.

Show interest in others to be perceived as friendly
If you want to come across as a warm and friendly person, you need to learn to be sincerely interested in others, and ask meaningful questions. Also, you must approach others with a smile, continue to smile as much as possible, and avoid keeping your arms crossed and leaning away from people, or else you will come across as cold and detached or unfriendly, rather than as the warm and friendly person you want to be seen as.

The secret of giving a great first impression is not in trying to conceal your true character, but instead in enhancing your behavior and body language to align with your inner self. You should do everything it takes to have a likeable outward appearance, and portray your best qualities so others get to see them and access your inner values.

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