Iran Travel Guide: 7 Best Things First-timers Should Do

Iran is becoming one of the must-visit travel destinations today. It is full of unique sights and adventures. Whether you want to stay for days or weeks, whether you plan to travel alone or with some friends, and regardless of what your nationality and religion are, there is definitely something in Iran that you can enjoy. Do your research and read about the experiences of those who have visited the country before so you can get an idea of what to look forward to.

When making plans for your accommodation, it is highly advised that you choose from among the best hotels in Iran. These establishments offer a glimpse into the living arrangements, architecture, and ambiance of Iranian residences. Some were even former Qajar traditional houses transformed into exceptional old-style hotels.

Ready to explore Iran? Here are seven experiences you should not miss.

1. Take a walk on the Nature Bridge

Also known as Tabiat Bridge, the Nature Bridge in Tehran is a tourist destination because this is the largest pedestrian bridge in the country. This high-tech award-winning structure was unveiled in 2014. It was built not just to connect parks but also to provide a place for everyone to stay and enjoy.

Indeed, it has become the best chill-out spot in Tehran. Here, you can see the mountains in the north during daylight and the city lights at sundown. This is the best place to capture both sunrise and sunset.

2. Visit the largest bookshop

If you are a book lover, don’t miss visiting the Book Garden – Tehran’s largest bookshop. You can buy a wide range of books, which are written in English and Farsi, and other gifts.

You can actually spend a whole day here, especially if you are visiting Iran with your kids. They have an imagination tunnel. Also, they have history exhibitions and science zones that your children can explore. Furthermore, they have a café where your little ones can prepare as well as serve food.

3. Feel like a royal at Golestan Palace

Have you ever dreamed of belonging to a royal family? The Golestan Palace in Tehran can make your dream come true. This is a former royal Qajar complex with tall buildings surrounding a stunning garden. And you can explore some of the grand buildings – popular choices are the Building of the Windcatchers and the Hall of Mirrors.

Don’t miss looking at the mosaics and tile work on the exteriors of each building – some of these are considered the world’s superb tile work.

4. Catch a light show like no other at the Pink Mosque

One of the most iconic things to do in Iran is to watch the sunrise at the Pink Mosque in Shiraz. Nothing compares to the exceptional beauty that you’ll behold as the morning light goes through the stained-glass window – the colors literally change. But make sure to arrive there early so you can get the best viewing spot.

5. Climb the Sofe Mountain

If you think Iran is a flat desert, you are wrong! There are several mountains that you can explore – one of which is the Sofe Mountain. It takes about two hours for you to reach the peak. But if you are visiting this place in the evening and you feel tired already, you can ride the cable car instead. Don’t forget to bring food and beverages because you are allowed to have a picnic at the bases of the mountain.

6. Visit traditional houses

An excellent way of discovering the history of Iran is to visit the traditional houses in Kashan. Most of these houses embody the extravagant residential architecture of the wealthy families back in the 18th-19th century.

Another travel destination here that you should set foot on is the spa of the ancient days known as the “Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse.” This is decorated with ornamental tiles, including gold and turquoise. It was built in the 16th century to encourage relaxation and prayer. But today, it functions as a museum.

7. Try Iranian beverages

Feel refreshed by drinking traditional Iranian drinks, known as sharbat. Quench your thirst with either sekanjabin, tokhm sharbati or khakshi. You can find these local cold beverages in any juice shop in the city. They come in huge plastic glasses at affordable prices.

Indeed, Iran has a lot to offer. Every city offers different things. So if you are deciding where to travel next – choose Iran. People here are friendly and helpful. Most importantly, Iran is a safe place. Get your visa now!

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