How Institutes Providing IATA Courses in India Help

With the growth in the travel and tourism industry, competition has risen and more people are now applying for different positions. There are a number of IATA Course Institutes in India helping candidates to enrich their skills and expertise required for specialised areas of the travel industry.

Travel industry, at present is one of the largest and exciting industries attracting many people to work in it. However, working in the travel industry is certainly not very easy when there are people who have spent many years training and re-training themselves. Individuals are attracted to work in more specific positions such as in airline services, destination services and various other areas. IATA training is one of the most popular courses that one should enroll onto to gain knowledge in this field. You should opt for the top IATA Course Institutes in India where you will get the chance to learn many things related to the industry.

What is IATA?

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is a trade association of the world’s airlines. The main objective of IATA is to support the activities of the airlines across the globe and help formulate industry policy and standards.

The aviation being a thriving industry, offers a range of opportunities for businesses and aviation professionals. Hopeful individuals who are looking to build a career in the travel and tourism industry are required to complete the appropriate training programme approved by IATA. The travel and tourism industry has spectrum of specialised areas that require professional expertise. IATA approved courses and programs cater to various needs and demands of different sectors like cargo, civil aviation authorities, dangerous goods regulations, fare and ticketing, ground operations, safety, and security.

IATA Courses and Programs

The IATA courses provide one of the most complete travel and tourism training programs. These courses are designed to help the people who aspire to start a career in the travel and tourism industry or upgrade their professional competence. The courses and trainings offered are recognized by the terms of the IATA Resolutions of Accreditation. IATA programs offer flexible training solutions in different methodologies including classroom, distance learning, virtual or in-company format to meet all budgets and needs. Most of the courses are recognised globally allowing people to present this qualification in the global market.

IATA Institutes

To meet the growing demand for qualified IATA professionals, a number of institutions across the nation are offering IATA training and programs to the students. Several IATA Course Institutes in India have tie-ups with leading training partners with an objective to prepare the qualified professionals. The best institutes offering IATA courses guarantee diplomas and courses that are engaging and effective. Here are a few top Indian Institutions that offer IATA certificate courses:

  • The School Of Excellence, Mumbai
  • Blue Whale Academy, Mumbai,
  • Aircraft Aviation Training and Management Institute, Patna
  • Akbar Academy, Thrissur
  • Jyoti Nivas College, Bangalore

The School of Excellence provides postgraduate diploma in travel and tourism with IATA certification. It is a recognized institution offering IATA course and training to hundreds of graduates every year. The diploma gained from the institute will help the candidates to get access to global employment opportunities.

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