How To Survive A Long Cruise Journey?

Honestly speaking cruise travel is one of the least challenging experiences known to man. However, mastering the art of doing nothing for a prolong period of time is a lot harder than you may think. As you feel slightly daunted at the thought of the cruise ahead, and wonder how would you manage all those long hours in the water, today’s blog post aims at giving you the best tips to survive a long cruise travel.

Well! There’s plenty you can do to ensure a long cruise goes smoothly and make it a relaxing part of your holiday.

Walk around and make friends
The very act of cruising invokes a sincere feeling of love within the passengers. Trust me such feelings make cruising experience all the more fun. Language and culture is no barrier. Say hello to people in the elevator or initiate chat at the lunch table. Talk to people and who knows you may learn or discover things you wanted to for a longer period of time. Sitting in your given location for such a long time will only cause serious cramps and tighten your muscle. And most importantly, be nice to the cruise attendants. A slightest disaster and you want them on your good side.

Say NO to endless count of foods
With countless food options available on cruise ships, there is never a single moment when cruisers are denied access to foods. Think twice before you order for a third serving. Ask yourself ‘am I ready for fried and spicy potato chips at 8 o clock in the morning? Or ‘am I ready for the sticky sweet rice pudding before my dinner’? The sooner you start practicing saying NO, the better it is for your waistline and for your overall health. Too much of food can make your health go for a toss and ruin your holidays.

Wear comfortable clothes
Although you may make effort to dress up for formal night with flashy clothes, make sure you are wearing something comfortable for the rest of the day. Do not force yourself to impress other cruisers. Your bag should consist of party wears along with loose pants or T-shirts to help you survive a long cruise.

Be prepare to play
As you stay far away from the hustle and bustle of life why not filled your free time with some interesting games, music or hot tub? Pack your bags with cards or bring along your iPod to listen to your favourite music. I am sure you always look for an opportunity to bring out your iPod but hardly get a chance in your everyday life. A few magazines or newspapers can also be the ideal option to kill your time on cruise.

Enjoy some indoor activities
Who said long cruise travel is boring? Well a few activities can help you to get rid of your boredom within a wink of an eye. Attend exercise classes, wine testing, walk on the outdoor track, learn about the next port, play paddle tennis, swim in the pool, attend photography session, dance class, sit by the pool and enjoy your drink, enjoy piano bars, Play Bridge, read books or plan at least one night to get dolled up.

Experience the lounge under the stars
There’s nothing like experiencing the top deck party after the dark. Feel the warm breeze, calm sound of the ship’s wake and the twinkling stars above. Besides, you could be lucky enough lounging in the chairs before a huge movie screen on the top deck.

Get educated onboard
This is for both the adults and kids while on a cruise ship. You can enrich your knowledge with varied programs including wildlife, flora and fauna or zoology program especially for the children. Exploring the ship is a great way to get oneself educated. For instance, almost every cruise ship offers passengers the opportunity to explore the secrets of creating thousands of meals each in relatively small space.

Onboard entertainment
The majority of the cruise ships organize at least one show every evening in the main lounge. The main lounge shows include singers, dancers or piano bars. However, the entertainment does not stop here. You may find comedians, magicians or ventriloquists at some of the evening shows. Moreover, if you wish to participate in the entertainment activities, there are talent shows, disco dancing, ballroom or karaoke for you.

Experience the unusual onboard activities
A few cruise companies are coming up with some ingenious ways of getting customers to sail with them. Here are lists of a few unusual activities you can enjoy to kill the annoying long hours’ time

  • Bowling

  • Croquet lawns

  • Bumper cars

  • Observation capsule for sea view

  • Simulated sky diving

  • Waterslides

  • 4D theatre

  • Larger space to take a sea walk

  • Climbing wall

However make sure while you get busy amidst these activities, you are well aware of the safety cruise travel guide.

Are you still petrified of long cruise travel? I am sure you are overexcited to explore the cruise ship journey as soon as possible.

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