How to Select a Good Residential School for Your Child

“Residential school is considered to be a home away from home” and the top residential schools in India very well represent this statement. We feel that every parent should select the boarding school for their ward very wisely. In the boarding school, child has to spend numerous days and nights, so the residential schools should have all the qualities which provide the comfort that they are given at home.

There are a lot of residential schools in India but the top residential schools in Dehradun have earned a huge fame and are the most preferred ones when it comes to quality education and overall development of students. Let us discuss the key features that would help you select a good residential school for your child –

Infrastructure: The campus of the school should have the following features:

Academic Block: The classrooms for the students should be well spacious are should be equipped with modern amenities. The students should be exposed to practical and audio-visual learning sessions.

Sports facilities: The school should emphasize on involvement of students in sports, and so it should have facilities for various outdoor sports such as football, volleyball, cricket, lawn tennis, etc.

Hostels: There should be separate hostels for boys and girls. The children should be allocated separate beds and lockers for storage of their belongings.

Mess and Dining hall: The school should have a mess which provides good nutritious food to the children. The nutritional content and the balanced nature of the food should be the key consideration of the cook. There should be a large dining hall, which can incorporate around 250 students in a single shift.

Auditorium: The school should have a big auditorium for plays, speeches and other curricular activities of the students.

Library: The residential school should be equipped with a large library which should have a good collection of books and journals.

Staff Quarters: There should be a provision of staff quarters for the administrative and teaching staff.

And the best residential schools in Dehradun have all the above infrastructural support available with them.

Academics: The school should be affiliated to CBSE. Apart from CBSE, the option of CIE i.e. Cambridge International Examination should be given to the students, if they are interested in international curriculum. The schools should regularly update its methodology of teaching.

Faculty: The teachers should be approachable and understanding so that students can discuss their academic doubts and personal problems with them. This makes a strong bond between the students and teachers. A good faculty is considered as a backbone of every school.

Educational Tips and Excursions: The school should regularly organize educational trips and excursions to various places. This helps the children to be more self-dependent and prepare them for future challenges of life. These excursions make the students relaxed from their daily schedule as well.

Medical Facility: Medical facility of school should include the availability of 24 hr nurse. The doctors should be called in case of an emergency condition.

Counselor: In this competitive world, sometimes the children become over stressed because of one reason or the other. To deal with the stress, a counselor should be there for proper counselling of the students just the way the top residential schools in India do currently.

Extra-curricular Activities: The school should encourage the students to take part in extra-curricular activities. There are numerous extra-curricular activities like language learning, reading, art and craft, swimming, sports, etc.
An ideal school is where a student not only gains education but also a platform to gain confidence to face the challenges of the future. One should therefore invest a good amount of time to research and see which school provides all the facilities listed above. It is rightly said that “tomorrow’s future lies in today’s classrooms” whatever the child learns in the 10-15 years of education is going to help throughout his or her life and this is well understood by the top residential schools in Dehradun.

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