How To Motivate Your Readers To Tweet Your Articles

Many bloggers write super great articles but can’t excel in their blogging career. The only reason is they are not good at promoting their content. Having a top quality article on your blog is not enough to invite tons of readers. You also have to promote it well. Probably this is why successful bloggers suggest:

“You should spend 20% of your time writing your content and 80% promoting it”.

Content can be promoted through different ways. Of them, a very effective way is to motivate your readers to share your content with their own following on Twitter. This way, you can utilize a small number of your readers to promote your content with hundreds of their followers. If you succeed in this strategy, you can attract thousands of readers to your blog without having to work really hard.

Here are some simple principles that teach how to motivate your readers to tweet your content.

1. The Content should be Worthy of a Tweet

Give your readers something worthy of a tweet. It means your article should be interesting, informative, helpful, entertaining, flawless and to some extent unique. If your content meets these qualities, your readers are more likely to tweet it.

Remember Twitter is a social network where people love socializing with people from different backgrounds. For this, they build their soft image through their tweets. They mostly tweet what is interesting, informative and entertaining for all.

So if your article is boring, monotonous and full of mistakes, your readers will not dare sharing it with their followers, simply because they won’t like to tarnish their good image.

2. Making a Tweet should be very Easy for Visitors

You can’t get tweets on your article if it has no tweet button. And don’t ever think that your readers will themselves copy and paste the link of your article on their Twitter accounts. Internet users often have their fingers in too many pies. Therefore, they are considered too lazy to take an action.

So it is your job to make sure that your article has a distinct Tweet button, reminding readers that they can share it with just a single click. There are different types of Twitter buttons you can choose from, keeping in view the design and layout of your blog and article.

Apart from using a Tweet Button, you can actually request your readers to share your article with their following. If you have a really good write-up, readers are surely going to respond to your request.

3. Give your Readers Something Extra to Tweet

Give your readers more freedom to tweet from your article. Traditionally, they were bound to click the Tweet button and share the entire article. But today, you can let them make different tweets from your article.

This current trend is known as “Tweetable Quotes”.

To utilize this trend, you need to follow two easy steps.

First, have your article full of such statements that people love to share on Twitter. These statements generally include quotes, eye-opening statistics and catchy phrases.

Second, make these statements tweetable. You can do so by using free or premium services like ClickToTweet or TweetDis.

In sum, writing a good quality article must be followed by a well-planned promotional campaign. Only then desired traffic can be driven to a certain blog. Of many promotional plans, motivating Twitter users to share content has been proving successful for a number of bloggers.

This is it. These tips might sound really simple, but at the end of the day this is all you really need to do to ensure people are tweeting your content.

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