How To Get People To Share Their Travel Experience On Your Travel Blog

Most bloggers with a travel blog, update it with details of their travels around the world, and also offer travel tips to visitors around the world. However, updating a blog regularly can be a time consuming process and at times, the travel blogger is faced with a “writers block”, and is unable to update the blog regularly. In such cases, the blogger may wish to have more people contributing to the travel blog. This will ensure that the blog has more diverse views on different topics. Some tips on how to get people to share their travel experience on your travel blog are discussed in this article, which may be helpful for travel bloggers.

Guest bloggers

One of the most popular way to to get people to share their travel experiences on your travel blog is to invite guest posts from other travel bloggers. These guest posts, may include links to the guest bloggers websites , but will provide valuable insights on the experience of the guest blogger. The guest bloggers can be contacted online through social networking websites, travel forums and via their own blogs. The travel blogger may set some quality guidelines for accepting guest post, like the minimum number of words in the guest post, the maximum of number of links that are allowed, so that the blog is not filled with spam. Alternately, the travel blogger may moderate and edit all the guest posts submitted , so that the guest posts conform to the editorial guidelines for the travel blog.

Running a contest

If you are looking for a genuine way to get people to share their travel experience on your travel blog, you should try holding a contest for contributors to the travel blog. The contest can invite people to share their travel experience on the blog and the best contributors will be awarded a prize in cash or a gift of some sort. All participants in the contest with a valid entry may be sent a momento or gift like a pen or pen drive as a token of appreciation. Such contests can be promoted on other travel websites using banner, text link and PPC advertising to increase the number of participants, hence the number of entries and quality of the posts. Another option is to promote the contest on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and with this method, you will definitely end up with lots of good quality travel experiences for your readers.

Hiring writers

Another great way to get people to share their travel experiences on your blog is to hire travel writers who have extensive experience visiting different places of the world. These writers may be offered a monthly salary or may be paid per post on the blog. Quality control is important in this case, as it is difficult to find quality travel writers. Such travel writers may be asked to provide examples of previously published work to be considered for publication on the blog. The requirement for writers may be advertised both online and offline. Online advertising is a cheaper option and includes posting ads on classified websites, writers forums, and job website. Screening the applications may be a time consuming task, but finding reliable and sincere writer can make it worth the effort.

With these methods, you are guaranteed to never lack ideas and experiences to share with your readers. You can also find useful information on Guardian’s Beginners Guide to Travel Bloging

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