How to choose the Best Residential School in Delhi NCR

My sister gave me the task of looking for the best residential school for my nephew, so I decided to google and find out the best residential schools in Delhi for my nephew. Before I could proceed further, I made a quick list of points which I would need to check to ascertain whether my short listed school would qualify as  the best boarding school. So here were the points:

Does the school have a good infrastructure?

Is it located in a  lush green , pollution free area where children can breathe fresh and clean air?

Is it easily approachable by road and close to the airport for our convenience?

Are the students safe and secure?

Does the school provide good medical facilities and is it in close proximity of a hospital?

Does it have friendly, qualified and loving staff who give personalised attention to the children.

Along with the latest trends in Education, are the students taught moral values and traditional aspects of our Indian culture which would make it stand apart as one of the best residential schools in Delhi.?

Are the students disciplined , do they exhibit camaraderie with each other, do they care for each other and do they live in an amicable way?

Does the school provide good sports facilities and provide coaching for most ball games like football, basketball, volley ball, netball and football along with Badminton, skating etc

Is there any Olympic sized court in the school which makes it class apart?

Do the students inculcate in recreational activities like dance, drama, music and art as is the hall mark of a good residential school.

Are the students taken out on picnics, excursions and historical places?

Is the food nutritious and cooked in a clean and hygienic environment as this the most important factor to classify a school as the best residential school in Delhi.

Are the washrooms neat, clean and modernised?

And above all , is the school a home away from home.

My  one stop solution to all the above questions is; Shanti Gyan International School  which has been awarded as the best Boarding School six times in a row and answers in the affirmative  to all the  above queries that any parent would have regarding the best boarding school to send their child to .

Shanti Gyan international School is located ahead of sector 19, Dwarka , Goyla, Nazafgarh, New Delhi. It is a Co educational  Residential school situated in a lush green and pollution free environment in about 4 acres of land.  The school emphasizes on the all round development of the students by transforming the nascent mind into a fountain head of ideas with individual tender care and affection. The vision of the school is to infuse confidence  and courage in the students to cross all obstacles and meet challenges head on. Not only does the school boast of a brilliant academic record but is also the leading school in the Zonal Sports activities.

The best residential schools are mostly  located at hill stations or away from the main city making them not easily approachable. My sister who is a single , working mother often has weekends off and likes to take her son out for an occasional outing or eat with him in the school cafeteria on Sundays. This special facility is provided in Shanti Gyan International school which bestows tender care not only on the students but Parents as well. My interaction with the Principal confirmed my choice of the school as the best boarding School in Delhi,  as he very clearly specified that in Shanti Gyan International everyone is considered special be it the students, Staff or the Parents and they are treated likewise.

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