How to choose best MBA colleges in Ahmedabad?

The task of choosing the right business school has become tougher today as there is no standard criterion to do so. And, a lot of surveys are being carried out by leading magazines but these surveys further aggravate confusion in the mind of students. India is home to more than 3000 schools offering different management programs and a significant number of these schools boast of the best facilities and offering great quality management education. In the present scenario, the way by which these schools are growing all across India, it has become very difficult to choose the right one. Since, you will be spending a lot in the management program, it is important for you to select the best school. Now, the question is, how can one differentiate between these schools? How to choose the right institute?

Gujarat is coming up as an educational hub in India and home to numerous management institutes offering quality education as per international standards. Be it choosing the best MBA colleges in Ahmedabad or anywhere in India, following are some key parameters which every management aspirant should analyze critically to find the right school:

  1. Accreditation: Out of 3000 B-schools, only 1,000 are accredited. Accreditation of a B-school ensures quality education, and other opportunities. There are higher chances of getting jobs I reputed companies if you are a student from an accredited institute. Any institute offering MBA must be approved by AICTE.
  2. Affiliation: Institutes are either affiliated to universities or are autonomous. Both of these have their own rewards and disadvantages. Traditionally the university affiliated institutes have a strong foundation, and the autonomous colleges have the advantage of updating the syllabus time to time as per the demands of industry.
  3. Faculty: The faculty of any institute matters a lot and it is always advisable to check out whether the B-school you are considering has a well-experienced and distinguished faculty to provide proper guidance. Also, try to find out the ratio between full-time faculty members and the visiting faculty. Have a look at the guest lecture offered in the institute time to time. The faculty is the prime factor for providing the best quality education and continuous support to bring out best in the students.
  4. Infrastructure: The infrastructure of a business school matters a lot and it is always important to visit the campus once as the students have to spend their 2 years in the institute. There should be very good facilities in classrooms, labs, library, cafeteria and hostel. Campus should be student-friendly and ensure a decent environment to support studies.
  5. Industry Linkage: it is always important to check the industry linkage of the institute as this will give students an opportunity to get industrial exposure and expand their practical knowledge. The industry partnerships of the institutes help in ensuring that student will obtain interesting and knowledge-enhancing internships as well as live projects with the top and reputed companies. These projects help students to get their desired jobs in future.

Further, you must also check the institute’s credentials with regard to the international student exchange programs. These are of great advantage while the students are looking for the career opportunities abroad. The best MBA colleges in Ahmedabad will provide you the right platform to kick start your management career.

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