How to be comfortable in Long Flight

While traveling is fun, getting to our destination in long flights is another story. It spoils the prospect of an exciting trip. Even the most seasoned traveler would tell you their horror stories in long flights with boredom almost killing them. Although we cannot assure sunny days and beautiful days, here are some tips to become comfortable in long flights, enough to make you look forward for your next trip rather than daunt it.

Don’t forget the Essentials: To avoid from getting bored, it is best that you bring essential things. Bring your electronic devices to entertain you in long flights. Before your trip, update your iPad with the latest songs or movies that you can watch on board. Invest on noise-canceling headphones so that engine noise will not bother you. If you are a gamer, don’t leave your Nintendo at home. Whichever devices that you plan to bring, make sure that your devices are on its full battery. You can also bring the books that you have been eyeing to read. Travel magazines would also entertain you. Setting entertainment aside, don’t forget to bring medicines that are needed to ward off the most usual phy

Bring the Essentials: Be sure to bring a few medicines to specifically ward off the most common physical concerns which can arise when traveling. The essentials include baby aspirin for the prevention of deep-vein thrombosis (DVT) and blood clots caused by physical inactivity; anti-indigestion medication in pill form (no need to elaborate on this point.), Dramamine to ward off nausea and dizziness, and Cyproflaxin, which can treat the onset of any bacterial infections. Bringing these treatments on board with you will insure easy access to them when you may need them most.

What are the Best Airplane Seats?
Reserve the Type of Seat that Works Best for You: Whether you’d like first class, an exit row, or that last aisle window seat, be sure to make the appropriate arrangements when booking your trip. Don’t forget to make use of online tools like SeatGuru to guide you in selecting the best seats, and be sure to take advantage of early check-in, when you can inquire about the availability of preferred seats and possibly securing an upgrade.

Eat Up: Let’s be honest: most of the food served on flights leaves much to be desired. Treat yourself to a large meal before flying (do your best to stick to healthier, light options) and make sure to pack enough snacks for the ride. Granola bars, roasted nuts, dried fruit and whole-grain crackers are great snacks that won’t be confiscated at security. Your tummy (and wallet) will thank you once you’ve checked out the unhealthy and overpriced snacks being offered on board. An additional tip: take advantage of airport deli kiosks and purchase a large bottle of water in preparation for your flight — remember, staying hydrated on long flights should be a foremost priority.

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