Glorious future opportunities for every Commerce Graduates

Studying with your friends is fun thing. Attending classes in groups, sharing notes, those late night chats; everything becomes worthless if you do not have a proper future planning. What would you do after your study finishes? You need to think of your career in future. There are lots of career options available for commerce graduates. People think that to get a secure future and to shine in life everyone should study in Science streams. But commerce has a blooming and very promising future for each and every student if study in a channeled way. Let’s discuss a few attractive career options for commerce graduates.

Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary
90% students enrol in this commerce stream just to become a CA or CS. This is a lucrative career option for girls and boys out there. If you become a CA, which is a tough thing to pass, you can become an inevitable part for the business houses. If you work as a freelancer chartered accountant, you are going to earn a hefty amount of money! We kid you not, you are going to become an important part and going to earn beyond your dreams!

Lecturers and Professors
After completing your graduates, you need to apply for Master. Upon completing Masters you can sit for National Entrance Test or NET. NET is the gateway of every student to reach their final destination of becoming a lecturer in a college. It doesn’t sound odd that most of the student at least once wanted to become a teacher! Here’s the opportunity for you guys.

This is another lucrative career option available for every commerce student out there. All these nationalised and private banks available in the country, they always in demand of having high end educated bankers. To become a full time banker the student needs to sit for exams and earn a license. Once the license is there, he can join any bank. If the student has an MBA degree, that will add more glitter to his career.

Government jobs
Top commerce colleges in Bangalore each year produces lots of commerce graduates and many of them dream of working in Government sector. The main reason behind this decision is nothing but the job security provided by this field. You can be sure that your job is secured once you are working in this field and that is the only reason after finishing graduates these days people tend to prepare for government jobs.

HR management
To run a company smoothly, the owner always need a manager. If the manager knows how to take care the employees or how to treat them well so that they can work properly and the company can run without any road blocks, that will be the best thing! HR Managers or Human Resource Managers are people that are extremely patient, career driven, goal oriented people. They know how to treat a person well so that he can perform his best! To become one HR manager, a commerce graduate needs to have an MBA degree.

Legal Advisor or Attorney
To run a company one thing you always need; advice. Legal advice, monetary advice are pretty much in demand. To gain a license a person needs to hold a LLB degree. It is a tough degree to get but once you have one with you, you will have a smooth career in front of you. Students from top commerce colleges in Bangalore always reach out for this career option. It seems lucrative and it is, but you have to study real well and need to have a clear goal in life.

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