Get the most out of your family vacation

Traveling as singles or romantically involved couples is easy.  As a single traveler very little thought goes into where you are going to stay, what you are going to do and well eating is just a side-note to be decided later.  Couples find a romantic or adventurous get away and plan their trip around that.  Often times a couple find a romantic place to stay and that is their deciding factor.  On the other hand a family picking a vacation is comparable to an all-out-fracas with your reputation as a parent on the line.  It doesn’t always have to be like this, just remember these things and you should be ok.

Save Money-The most single important deciding factor for a family vacation is cost.  Where you go is largely dependent on how much money you have available.  Money will affect the type of activity you can do as well as how far you can go.  As soon as you decided to take a family vacation you should start saving money.  The process of coming up with money can also be fun.  Having a yard sale to raise money for the family vacation can involve everyone in the process.

Make an early decision- Once you actually decide where to go, many of the other things fall into place such as time of year. Early planning can help you avoid seasonal weather. If you decide to travel up north you should wait until the warm season unless ice is what you have in mind.  Making the decision early helps build anticipation and gives everyone a chance to get excited or research the activities they want to do.

Choose somewhere different- Family vacations are about the family spending time together. Vacations for better or worse should bring the family members closer to each other.  Family vacations are the perfect time to get unplugged.  Outdoor and nature based trips are perfect for families. Not having access to Candy Crush or Facebook , will only facilitate a family bonding experience.  If you are running short on ideas, check out Find Unique Lodging for unique places to stay.

Location- If you are driving there, choose some place geographically close.  Nothing can start a family vacation off poorly like bored kids fighting in the backseat of the suburban for 8 hours.  There are always going to be great places close by that you haven’t experienced.

Challenge yourself- Family vacations are the perfect chance to try something new.  If you have always wanted to go white water rafting, this could be the ideal time.  Maybe you want to try rock climbing, or canyoneering, this is your chance.  You never know what may be a great family experience or what activities may become a new family hobby.

Divide up the days- Family vacations are for everyone in the family.  Why not give everyone a day to do what they want and everyone else comes along.  If you have five people in your family go on vacation for 5 days and give everyone a day that they are in charge of.

Many people forget that family vacations are for the family.  They should help bring the family closer together and create memories that will last a lifetime.  Using these tips you can start your family vacation off right.

Are there any tips that you think I missed?

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