Five Must-Do’s when Sailing in the British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands already have a long-established ‘yachtie’ culture. This paired with the area’s natural beauty makes for a charter experience that’s nothing less than incredible. Each island has unique sights to see and there are short passages between them. It’s also easy to find what you’re looking for-from provisions for the yacht to relaxing spa treatments to the right bars, restaurants and parties for your taste.

There’s so much to see and do during a vacation in the BVIs (especially a sailing vacation) that it can be hard to know what to do and where to go; what to prioritize during your precious time there. Of if you’re going for the crewed option your skipper will have valuable recommendations that you should take advantage; but here we share with you our top picks for a well-rounded trip that will really let you get a taste for everything that makes the area so special.

Baths of Virgin GordaThe Baths of Virgin Gorda

Every guide book for the region mentions the baths- for a reason! These volcanic formations create tranquil pools or baths and there’s an incredible beach on the adjacent Spring Bag for relaxing. Do try to go when there are a few less tourists- ask the locals for their recommendation as this spot really can’t be missed. Take at least a morning for this site and bring your snorkel gear.

The Island of Anegada

If you’re searching for that deserted island feel with pristine white beaches Anegada really ticks off all the marks. It is quiet and sleepy compared to some of the more lively islands- this is relaxation at its best! It also happens to have amazing, delicious Caribbean lobsters.

Footloose Charters British Virgin Islands July 2013Hike the Virgin Gorda Peak

It’s important to experience the beauty of the islands from land, even during a sailing vacation. This will literally let you get a different perspective of the place. Hike to the top of Virgin Gorda Peak for stunning views and a somewhat strenuous workout. You’ll be rewarded by excellent views of the island and waters below.

Shopping on Tortola

Everyone wants to bring home a few souvenirs, and in the BVIs Tortola’s Main Street is the place to go. You won’t find duty-free shopping but you will some great buys on British imports like fine china- do leave your shopping trip to one of your last days of the trip to avoid having to cart your goods around on the boat.

Crewed yacht charter3Full Moon Parties

Each principal island has its own version of the Full Moon Party, and these are definitely worth a night out. They can be family affairs or rowdier gigs- the two most popular are found at Apple Bay on Tortola and Trellis Bay on Beef Island; at the latter you’ll find vendors selling their wares, live calypso bands and a huge fireball at midnight.

Most of your time during a charter vacation will be spent lounging on any number of beautiful beaches and enjoying the sunshine, but do be sure to check out these sites during your trip.

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