Five Countries With The Best Accommodations In Asia

planning a vacation in Asia
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Asia is filled with lots of great countries where you could relax and have the time of your life. If you are planning a vacation in Asia then you have chosen the best continent to celebrate whatever event in your life. It may be hard to choose but let us round up the five countries with the best accommodations in Asia. After all, it’s not just about the country itself but also about the service of their hotels.

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1. The Philippines

The Philippines
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The Philippines offers a lot of hotels and cheap inns where you can stay overnight or even for how long you want. The Philippines is known for their hospitality and when you check in at a hotel in Manila, you will surely feel at home.

2. Thailand

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Thailand is a great country for those who are on a budget as there are really a lot of cheap hostels to stay in. Some are even economical and stylish so better get your cameras ready and take photos of their wonderful accommodations.

3. Japan

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If you want to live like a Japanese local, better pay their country a visit. Aside from their amazing hotels, you will also be able to meet new friendly people who could potentially be long-time friends.

4. Vietnam

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Vietnam offers a great number of cheap inns especially in Ho Chih Min. Vietnam’s rates are generally cheap so you really don’t have to worry much about the accommodations.

5. Singapore

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While the cost of living in Singapore is very high, there are still a good number of cheap hotels where you can check in. Singapore is also a very friendly country so you will not have a hard time finding your way there.

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Mark Aldrin Hipolito is a daytime writer for Holiday Inn Parramatta Accommodation, one of Australia’s modern and luxurious hotels in the suburban district. Mark Aldrin gives hotel tips and hacks to help people make the most out of their vacation.

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