Find Yourself among Dammam’s Nightlife Activities

Dammam’s NightlifeDammam is a city renowned for its oil reserves. Courtesy the abundant reserves of ‘liquid gold’, the city of Dammam holds pivotal importance in the affairs of oil trade. It also is the capital of Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It underwent an amazing metamorphosis from spawning small businesses by fishermen, to becoming the hub of commerce and industry, as time progressed. Unlike the other oil-rich cities, Dammam saw growth in all spheres and dimensions. This can be attributed to the development of infrastructure and other urban aspects. Availing car hire while in Dammam allows you to leisurely travel the length and breadth of this scenic city.

For the youngsters, Dammam offers a vibrant nightlife scene! Party-goers can hit nightclubs while those looking to unwind can check into restro-bars that play good music in addition to serving scrumptious food. Dammam also has a wide plethora of cafes to cater to different tastes and preferences. Known for its colossal and lively nightlife, Dammam has nightclubs scattered near the centre of the city. There are many others located in the suburbs. The Al-Fardaws district in the city is reputed for its high society clubs. Some of the big-names are Club 55, ClearSky, Godot etc. Dammam’s party circuit has seen some of the best DJs from around the world. The likes of Tiesto, Ferry Corsten and Armen Van Buren have all graced Dammam’s nightclubs. The ideal spot for after-sun partying is the Sheraton Dammam Hotel, popularly referred to as the “Tower”. Grab a meal at the Bin Naser Market and head towards the Tower late in the night. This way, you’d be able to avoid the expensive food served at the hotel.

Dammam also has numerous restaurants and bars that are ideal for a drink/dine session with friends. Situated in the premises of Dammam’s best hotels, these eat-out options allow you to have the time of your life when the sun goes down. The restaurants serve a wide spectrum of dining options ranging from traditional to continental! Dammam also harbours many of the world’s most favorite fast-food chains. A good way of exploring all of these aforementioned getaway options would be to avail car hire services while in Dammam. Car rental agencies allow you to travel in and around the city without having to worry about travel logistics. You no longer have to model your travel itinerary as per the public transport schedules. Hiring a car in Dammam is a more economically viable option as opposed to private cabs and taxis.

Car rental becomes imperative while you’re travelling with a group of youngsters, the primary reason being the cost-cutting that renting a car entails. Car hire options offer the best in services at dirt-cheap rates of rental. In addition to that, there are discounts on offer at all times. Furthermore, car rental allows you to pick the car of your choice. You are free to choose from of a myriad of options, all at affordable rates of rental!

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